In many old and famous enterprises struggling occasion, from wool textile industry in an old Chinese enterprises “Heng Yuan Xiang” are overflowing with vitality.

“Premier Wen Jiabao in his government work report made in adjusting the industrial structure, we must strengthen the independent innovation of enterprises in the dominant position, vigorously implement the brand strategy, encouraging the development of well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights, which we have long-established enterprises, especially important.” Heng Source Xiang Liu Ruiqi chairman said, “While the old font has a proud flagship business, but it can only show that history, can not represent the present, even more than natural treasure bowl, we need inspirational innovation, and integration into the modern commercial civilization.

In recent years, Heng Yuan Xiang is constant innovation in the access to new development. Founded in 1927, Heng Yuan Xiang, Shanghai, Nanjing Road was originally just one of the old and famous shops selling yarn, to the 20th century, 80 years, once prosperous former Hengyuanxiang has no scenery, but all the assets of 500,000 yuan. Liu Ruiqi act as “Master” after the bold reforms, the “Heng Yuan Xiang” in the name by its name and registered as trade names, and then conducted a series of rebranding campaign to join the brand to attract national wool processing plant.

Today, Heng Yuan Xiang’s already gathered more than 70 joined the factory, more than 5,000 franchise stores, the product from pure wool hand extended to the knitting, clothing, bedding, etc. more than 70 categories, with annual sales of over 3.0 billion.

To upgrade the industry, must rely on science and technology. In recent years, Heng Yuan Xiang Group invested heavily in technology, overcome difficulties one after another. Not long ago, Heng Yuan Xiang, “the world’s research and development of fine wool and its products” project of Shanghai Economic and Trade Committee passed the inspection, the research group is not only tackled comb scouring article, spinning weaving, dyeing and finishing processes of technical difficulties , also used the world’s most advanced technology, developed the world’s most fine wool sheep yarn. To accurately study changes in shape of China’s adult men, Heng Yuan Xiang Group, Donghua University, and also set up China’s first “human information database”, a forward-looking research projects, industry experts have been assessed as “is China’s garment industry a landmark event, will lead China’s garment industry a revolutionary development. “

“In fact, China’s production of clothing in the style, design, processing, quality has with foreign countries is almost the same, but why in the international market is the inability to sell at the price come from? Because it did not own the brand.” Liu Ruiqi said, “two piece exactly the same high-grade suits, paste the Italian brand will be able to sell on the yuan, the consumer rush; and put a homemade sign can only be sold a few thousand dollars, consumers have few. We can not entirely blame the consumers worshiper of foreign things , because the brand is to remain in the minds of consumers of memory, which memory is necessary for the state and businesses to operate. “

“I am very in favor of the government work report Premier Wen Jiabao put forward, to change the growth mode of trade and support with independent intellectual property rights, independent brands and high value-added products and services exports.” Liu Ruiqi said, “even though China is a clothing producing and exporting country, but MADE IN CHINA image in the international arena is still cheap and low-end, we have committed to change this image, broke out in the international market, Chinese clothing brand. “

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