Mr. Gary Wandschneider is as of now the External Vice President or EVP of operations at Hostess. Hostess is a snack food maker that has been widely known for its delicious line of snack foods like Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Twinkies, Suzy Q’s, Zingers, Sno Balls, Mini Muffins, Donettes, Doughnuts and pudding pies. The executive previously worked as again, an executive for the Pepsi Bottling Group. The Company of Hostess Brands is rightfully led by a fantastic team of highly distinguished and very reputable business executives in the industry. The company refuses to hire executives who have no extensive experience when it comes to the packaging of consumer goods as they are the leading company in the baking food industry. Hostess makes it sure that they will only have the best team possible so that their iconic company name will remain where it is right now, as a leader in the said industry.

To further expand the company that Mr. Gary Wandschneider is currently working at, the Hostess Brands, Incorporation effectively operates as a wholesale baker as well as a distributor of snack and break cakes across the land of the United States of America or USA. The mentioned company markets these cakes and also bakes it along with other addictively sweet snacks, rolls, loaves under many different bread, snack and bakery brands. Apart from that, the Hostess Brands offers chocolate chip muffins, honey buns, cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, cheese and berry danishes, apple danishes, iced cheese danishes, bear claws and last but not the least, the food cake donuts. The company’s way of selling is through online and also in some of their bakery outlet stores which is available nationwide. Hostess was formerly known as an Interstate bakeries Corporation years before Mr. Wanschneider even got in to the company.


Mr. Gary Wandschneider is an expert when it comes to training leaders as he was able to write a book entitled “A view From the Front Row”. This book is quite a useful and full of information tool which teaches us about how we can develop highly impacting leadership traits and qualities, master the diversities around you, and deliver consistent results. On the other hand, not like the majority of leadership exercises, Mr. Wandschneider has pointed out that such traits can be seen by people from different walks of life not only when it comes to career but also with their everyday living.

Denise Shannon is a chemical engineer who works at a bottled soda plant. He is concerned with quality assurance in ensuring that their products are consistent among all the batches that they have produced. He says that he idolizes Gary Wandschneider, the pepsi executive who worked his way up the ladder.
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