22 days out Dragon Wing Lok Min store, Gome Group stores are scheduled to rise in the National Day of international opening. Thus, Gome and Suning in the Pavilion Wing Lok Street, and the number of stores Dongjiekou lots are more than 5:1 ratio. At the same time, household appliances market has centered on enhancing the profitability of a single shop to start a new round of competition.

Additional outlets GOME Paradise In Pavilion Street has always been the focus of the store. 22 out Dragon Wing Lok Min store, Gome Group stores are scheduled to rise in the National Day of international opening. Previously, the Pavilion has been State Street flagship store in the United States, digital shops all a, Wing-lok, flagship stores, boutiques, each one, and a flagship store Suning of 3C +. “New Army” of Sharu made in Pavilion Street and the surrounding, Gome and Suning Yongle the balance of power will be more than 5:1.

Gome, Yongle store the overwhelming number of advantages, there are Dongjiekou Eastern areas. As the country this year, the U.S. flag flood I shop, Paradise yangqiao store opened in the business district 5:1 disparity Dongjiekou strength, so that Su Ning Wanxia shop once again into a heavy siege. Similarly, the first half of the States United States Gushan store opened, and soon out of Foma Paradise shops, also makes Suning Fu new flagship store will be challenged.

Present, Suning only in Jinshan, Fuqing no significant fall in the next wind. In Fuqing, Gome, Suning each have two stores have a Paradise. In addition, the cloth shop after sub-Hongshan Bridge, Suning yesterday out in the Jinshan Rong Plaza store, and the National US-new community shop opened Jinshan Bin Jiang Lijing close “fight.”

Enhance the effectiveness of single-store Suning

Advertisement Promotion Department Fujing Li States United States, said it has benefited from the strategic network layout and rapid expansion of stores, Fuzhou, China accounted for U.S. market share in the first half of only about 6 percent of performance. Wing-lok also said that its stores have “grain store” and “competitive shop”, is intended to increase sales while continuing to squeeze rival market space.

This, Suning not agree terms. “Competition among home appliance chain, has been upgraded to the flagship store and single store profitability of the contest.” The official said Suning, Suning will continue to maintain robust growth and, by virtue of a single shop in the industry-leading efficiency, gradually provide flagship store to form a regional point of leading enterprises and shopping.

However, this strategy is also being Suning Gome, Yongle copy, which also continued to focus on market segments and enhance the effectiveness of a single shop. The current group of countries the United States will rise international stores as a “flagship store in the F1”, learn Japanese, American and Hong Kong advanced domestic and foreign hypermarket model, a series of high-end line, and further suppression of Suning 3C + flagship store. In addition, the Wing Lok Street in early will also be upgraded to 3C flagship boutique store, but only recently stepped up upgraded Su Ning Street shop for the flagship store, no doubt half a beat slower.

Industry that, after 2034 started taking up shop, the future might have in store function stores the planning and management on the intensive differences, poor single-store profitability of enterprises will inevitably at a disadvantage.

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