What do you do when a Gen Y employee comes to work in inappropriately revealing dress with tattoos and piercings that concern everyone in the office?

Here is what not to do:

1. Don’t freak out. Don’t send her home like a father who is unhappy about the impression she will make on your friends. Don’t treat her like a child who should know better, even if that is your thought at the time.

2. Don’t talk about this with co-workers, even though you sense they are alarmed and perhaps think that you should send her home. This is stewing and stalling, a waste of good energy that can be spent on your planned response. The longer you stall the greater chance resentment of her will grow creating a difficult situation for every one. eyes rolling, no good eye contact, avoidance, all lower team work and productivity. Not good.

3. Don’t ignore the problem; the very worst. Don’t assume that what happened means she is not suitable for the job, and plan to fail her at the probationary period review, or start making plans to let her go and looking for someone to take her place. That’s not dealing with the problem. Truth is you may be losing a good employee and have to deal with the same situation all over again in a new hire and sooner than you think.


Here are 3 tips for what to do when a Gen Y employee comes to work inappropriately dressed:
Be professional, even if you don’t feel like it. Frame your response around what is best for the company, its customers, and coworkers. Describe your company culture and relate how every employee is in sales and delivers a marketing message with every business interaction. Identify for her your target market and give a lesson in what messages you want to send out to the world. Explain how the appearance of the office, the building, advertising, how the phone is answered, along with her appearance, must communicate that message
Understand that many Gen Yers have not had work experiences and truly do not know how to navigate a Baby Boomer owned-or-operated workplace. For Gen Yers, dress is a form of self-expression and they may not realize how it impacts others and the work environment.
Learn about generational differences and teach your employees about them. Show that you genuinely care and understand that each employee brings different characteristics and expectations in a multi-generation workplace.

And, understanding generational differences is a start for accepting and adapting to a world of rapid workplace change.

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