“I have not failed. I have just found one of 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

~Thomas Edison

Failure is a fact of life. However, one bitter truth is that failure is often self imposed and invited. Don’t believe me? Read along to find out what distinguishes achievers from those who never end up fulfilling their dreams and believe that they justly deserve the moniker ‘failure’.

You want to be successful, but at the same time, you feel that the menacing ghosts of failure are never going to leave you alone. This is because you lack the following:

Goal Setting:
Goal setting is the success mantra of all top-level athletes and achievers. People set no goals because they are either too lazy or else they lack the desired skills. Goal setting is imperative as it ensures long-term vision, short-term motivation and better organization of resources. Set smarter, realistic goals to accelerate your career growth.


No matter how many opportunities come your way, if you are not self motivated, there is no way you can succeed. If you do not find yourself capable of doing something, how can you expect others to believe so? Believe in yourself, assess your performance and feel confident of yourself.

Follow Up:
It is necessary that you follow up and assess your performance and growth constantly. Those who do not follow up give the indication that they are not concerned about maintaining quality standards and lack passion for their jobs. Following up is also the key to developing healthy working relationships.

Product Knowledge:
How many times have you come across people who are selling products they know nothing about? A lot, perhaps. And what do you do? You ignore them. Business is all about trust and if the customer feels you do not have enough product knowledge, he/she will get the impression you don’t trust it and if you don’t, why should they?

Doing the Things Necessary to Succeed:
Success is not just about earning more. It is about doing things your way to get that ‘uniqueness’ factor. A lot of people fail because they don’t put enough effort to succeed. It is because they don’t put their heart and soul into it. For instance, no one would entertain an insurance agent rambling about a policy but if he/she can relate and identify it with real life scenarios, he/she may convince the customer into buying. See, this is how it’s done!

Remember, failure is just a step towards success. In short, keep on trying! Even if you fail, you will know, at least this time you failed better!  
Marvin’s book, “Come Hell or High Water” will be out in bookstores, on Amazon and Kindle soon through New York Publisher www.BloomingTwig.com.Marvin is a left-handed, right-brained, intense, fun-loving, full blooded Cajun Man. Originally from Ascension Parish in Louisiana – for 18 years he was an insurance agent in St. Bernard Parish, a town of 70,000 people.All 27,000 homes were damaged in Hurricane Katrina. His life would never be the same and he’s all the better for it.Handed the Keys to the City as an Honored Citizen for his work on the Citizens Recovery Commission, Marvin continues to focus — NOT on Surviving the STORM. But on learning how to DANCE in the rain.Learn More: http://www.marvinleblanc.com/
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