The most corporate employees believe and very religiously follow the philosophy of ‘first come, best served’ or first impression is the best impression’.  They also may staunchly believe that only when they become ‘first’ in everything they can be the ‘best’ or will get the ‘best’ result or reward. 


It is a myth that the first will always be the best or will be the winner. If one knows the game of numbers well, they can prove that the first will be always the looser and the last player only will be the winner forever.   That is how the smart game plan goes. 


Many employees in most corporate may be playing the above game of the first player will be always the looser and the last player will be always the winner.  But many may not be aware of the game principle but will be still playing the game.   Perhaps the very origin of the famous phrase that the ‘boss is always right’ would have been from the above game design only.



The game is all about numbers.  Any number of people can participate in the game.  Every one has to spell a number.  The value of the number of the second person should be higher than the first and so on and so forth.


The last player is allowed to use only the number ‘1′ (one) but he has the special privilege of using the ‘addition’ mathematics.  When the last player uses the number ‘1′ and adds to any other number, his/her number will be naturally the larger number than the previous number and hence he/she wins.    


The rule of the game is that the last player can only use the number ‘1′ (one).  He can use the addition mathematics and should spell a number bigger than the number spelled by the previous person. 


Apparently one may feel that the last player has the limitation that he can use only the lowest number in the arithmetic that is ‘1′ but has to spell a big enough number than the previous person using the same.  The obvious trick is that the last player can use the ‘addition application’ and therefore the number ‘1′ can be easily added to the previous number. Certainly the last player will always win and the first player will always loose. 


Only rule of the game determines the winner.  Smart understanding of the rule of the game is therefore important.  By just following the law of ‘first is the best’ or ‘first impression is best impression’ stereotypically will never ascertain success.   Smart alone win and not the ‘first’.    


The suggestion is not against one aspiring to be the first.  Stupidly one should not believe that by becoming the first, automatically one could not become the winner always.  Winner energy, passion and commitment also one may have but if the game rule is not understood well, success can happen only by luck.           

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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