Almost every person creates a plan before taking a business trip. Some of us have a guidance unit in our cars or a portable unit. There are a large number of such devices available on the market. In our illustration let’s call it Gloria—mine has a feminine voice. if the device you happen to be thinking of has a male voice you may not want to use the name Gloria.

Let’s think for a moment about how these machines all work.

First, each of these machines contain or can access a map of the territory. Almost every one of these machines has a map that covers a very large area. By way of illustration, all of the United States and certain Canadian provinces. But, the map is not the territory it’s only a drawing of the territory. Later in the article we will cover this again. What’s perfect about that is you have access to the entire map any time, but do not have to worry about it all. Bottom line, you can put all of your concentration on a very short part of the road. You can use the same technique with a paper map.

Next, decide where you want to go. You will not have to concern yourself about the specific turns. Your job is to type in the destination. Sometimes these machines will ask you the kind of trip you like They might ask if you want to be quick or scenic for example.. That’s all you have to do.


The 3rd step is to begin driving. You can even going totally the wrong direction. Gloria will keep you on track. Think about it. If you take a left when you should go right, Gloria will tell you to, “Please take a U-turn if possible”. The machine will never yell, never get angry and never get frustrated. The navigation voice will only give you suggestions. You can take some and you can leave some. Whatever you do the friendly voice will give you yet another step. This process continues until you’ve reached your destination.

But, you know all of that in most cases.

What is its applicability to business? Far too many businesses go without a guidance system. The majority of businesses simply address issues as they arise. When something happens they deal with it. If something doesn’t happen they don’t have to do anything. The utilization of this method is not in and of itself a bad idea. A simple business in a simple environment will work well using this method.

However, it’s highly advisable to install a navigation system. And it’s pretty easy. Plus, it works really well. And you know, you operate in a real environment.

A map is not a real environment and is only a tool. A map is not real in the respect you can operate a business directly on it. However, every business needs something to represent their business environment. The map we need for a business situation tells us all about our customers, vendors, partners, government, competitors, regulations—the whole environment. It takes the form of an situational analysis. This situational analysis is created and updated on about an annual basis. Normally once finished it’s utilized as a reference document.

This is much like the way a map is used. Instead of physical destinations. Our business destinations are the goals we set. These objectives can cover very short to somewhat long durations. All of the actions we take our much like short trips on the way to our goals. Record each individual’s goals and objectives publicly so that everyone can see them.

These and business goals are exactly the same as the address typed into Gloria’s keyboard. The individual members of the team will be at various stages of on-track and off-track at any given time. Periodic progress reporting meetings to ascertain where people are on their goals. Then, everyone can make suggestions to each other. And, everyone is free to follow or reject the suggestions. This is just exactly the same as the way you would respond to your navigation system.

If you have not yet done so, install a guidance system in your company and its various teams.

There are lots of businesses, but few owners have a really spectacular one. A few online management training programs could help. Think about your own business results. If you’re dissatisfied with the current level of revenue and profitability there is a management short course that addresses those issues. You owe it to yourself and to your company to check these resources out.
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