These examples of bad leadership make it clear just how important it is to avoid them at all costs. If you follow these examples of bad leadership, you can be sure of a miserable time trying to build your networking business. However, take the opposite road and you are sure to win!

First, have you ever had a mentor who you looked up to so much, you wanted to be like him or her but then their examples of bad leadership burst your entire image of them? It feels pretty bad, doesn’t it! Some examples of bad leadership in a mentor include telling their downline to do one thing to build their business but not doing it themselves nor having any intention of doing it themselves, telling their potential prospect that they are going to provide training if they join the business to show them exactly how to create a 6 figure annual income but then not delivering on that promise, or even to become impatient, irritated or put the individuals in their organization down. Hard to believe, I know, but even top distributors making the big bucks pass on examples of bad leadership to their downline day after day. That’s one of the reasons you MUST find a mentor who walks his or her talk, can deliver on their promises with concrete, TRIED and PROVEN TRAINING and who is encouraging and positive with you at all times.

Second, let’s dig a little deeper. Step outside yourself for a minute and examine if you are exuding any examples of bad leadership to your team. It’s always easier to point the finger at someone else, so have a heart-to-heart with yourself and explore if you are keeping your personal power, being true to yourself, or are you following examples of bad leadership. Two unconscious actions you may be taking that are displaying examples of bad leadership may be telling your prospects that you will help them make a ton of money if they join your business when you are not making a ton of money or know how to do so with the business and telling your prospects that you are committed to their success but then quitting the business without teaching them how to actually and correctly build their own business.

These examples of bad leadership are tough to face both in others and in ourselves. Make sure you are doing the opposite of these examples of bad leadership and watch your business blossom like daisies in springtime!  To begin learning A Proven Step-By-Step Approach To Start Adding More Reps In A Day Than Most Add All Month Starting Today, I’ve created a Free Report just for you and you can grab it for free.  Check it out right here.
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