When we often start out in business, we do our business plan. We check to see there is a niche market, that there is actually a need for our product or service that we wish to provide. Then we check our resources, what materials or facilities we have to start this business with. Also we make sure that we have good financial fitness and make sure our bank account is full of vitamins so to speak, or that our financial situation is in peak health to be able to fund such a business.

All this is great action to take when starting a business. But often we forget what our business actually means. What is the direction that our business is taking and what purpose does it have to drive it forward into the future to ensure its success? It’s rather a long question to ask, and sort of a few questions all rolled into one, but really this is the sort of thing a business owner must ask themselves, because every company needs a mission statement.

When you think about the mission statement of your business, you want to ensure that the statement you are making about your business is one that is positive, something that recognizes what contribution you are making in the terms of the difference to the lives of people around you.


Is it something that you can always look to uphold the credibility of your business and what it does for people or its clients? Often business and companies put an element of community or what they are doing to “give back to people” which is also nice to consider. Because when we think about it, businesses do have a certain role to play in the community and it is nice when they can support and give back to the customers and clients that in turn support them.

Some businesses when they write their purpose or mission statement, they then often put what they are stating about the healthy contribution and what it provides to the community, its clients and the people around them, into the procedures and they way they conduct their business so that it is a complete supplement to what they first state about their business.

So, you’ve written your mission statement about your business. When you have finally decided what the message is that you want to convey across to your clients and more importantly the staff that work for your business, you really should consider the basics.

Keep the message succinct and clear, and try not to complicate your goals.

Is it positive? Make sure it has a happy or inspiring focus.

Is your goal or purpose realistic and achievable through normal everyday operation?

What is your business doing for others, or what are you giving back?

These basic points will start you in the right direction for creating and energising and healthy mission statement for your business. Of course there are many more other things to consider when writing the purpose of your company and what it strives to do through its daily operation. However this will be a good framework for which to start and then add to later on.

Your mission statement will give your employees something to think about also. It will help them think about how they perform their work and how it relates to the company direction. It will help drive your business towards a common goal for the future.

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