How Your Kinesthetic Sense Integrates Left & Right Brain

Joe Barber was a rainmaker law partner; we worked in the same firm. The guy earned north of two million for each of the last ten years. It said so in an internal

memo. Age 43, a family guy and an adept (expert) at entertainment contracts for the rich and famous, I avoided him like bedbugs in my mattress.

We had lunch once a month because he was assigned as my office mentor. When they handed out small talk and a smiley face he was absent with the flu.

At our first meeting I listed neurology (brain science) and Mudras (Zen hand

gestures) as hobbies and philosophy. No reaction. Maybe fourteen months later

he summoned me to his office. He asked my medical advice. Desperation is a strange motivator. Please Take Notice, I am not a people-person and mind my own business.

Disclaimer – Do NOT Listen to Me.

Disclaimer: like any good lawyer I started off by telling him I did NOT have any mastery, knowledge or experience in medicine. Zen was just a diversion, exercise and amusement. Go see your medical physician. Me? I couldn’t cure myself of


He said he knew that but wanted my input anyway, he had visited all manner of specialist and alternative medicine practitioner. Helplessness and fear lead him

to his Mentee (me) of all people. Four more excuses did not get me a pardon.


Insomnia, panic attacks, pain in both feet when attempting to stand. Walking was hyper-painful after the first step. His eyes were watering way too often. Weak attention span and loss of comprehension was rendering his law practice uncomfortable and the source of executive comment. Stress chimed in too.

Stalling For Time

I recommended three thick books on the nervous system, six articles on Google and some illustrations of Buddhist Mudras (Indian hand gestures). Between us, I was hoping he would mark me down as a crackpot and go find a medical solution.

Nada, he started taking Zen lessons and began to converse with me on his daily progress. I really hated it. Considered resigning, but the gelt was too good. Maybe he would just die. He was totally recovered from his symptoms after eight weeks and I was his designated Guru (spiritual mentor) thereafter.

Disclaimer Again

I am going to let you in on two (2) discoveries (not solutions) I have made through

brain-science and Buddhist ancient medicine. Do NOT believe a word of it.


You can help run your body and mind by self-conditioning (auto-suggestion) or you can surrender to hetero-conditioning – by the world. Who? Parents, teachers, tv, society, culture, your environment, peers, the government and management.

Call on Dr. Phil for your mind and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta for your habeas corpus.

I Find

When you use daily repetition of a Command Affirmation for at least five minutes, once on awakening, and again on going to bed, you condition your body and brain to activate nonconsciously, what you are drumming into it consciously.

What for? Healing, health and longevity, personal relationships (motivate-persuade-convince), and career success including self-confidence, state of mind and deep beliefs.

Who says so? Me, myself and my shadow based on personal experience in ways too wild and ridiculous to set in print. If you want the scientific method, citations and double-blind research, N.A. (not available) here.


To make Command Affirmations work you must use V-A-K (Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic) senses. You must emotionalize the goal by feeling a previous memory

sensation of super success. I conjure up how I felt on hearing I passed the Bar Exam

on the first crack. Gives me a high, which translates to the Command Affirmation.

More. You must visualize yourself DOING your desired goal, not watching a movie or video as a performance. See yourself moving around your new waterfront, paid-for home, throwing a party. Now go to the mailbox and read your own name in capital letters the mailbox.. Be the actor performing the actions, not a passive viewer. Command Affirmation

“Every day in every way on this 24th of January 2010, I am experiencing a Benign

body-and-mind, and feeling better-and-better, through accelerated healing and

pure spirit (infinite intelligence and cosmic consciousness) on a daily basis ad infinitum.”

Repeat: read or say the aforementioned Command Affirmation three (3) more times silently (mentally) or aloud – slowly and with emotion. Here’s the killer – you must

also trigger your Kinesthetic sense (motion plus touch – muscle memory).

K requires your use your left and right fingers to TRACE in the Air the non-verbal

symbol – B-9 (benign) in order to link your Visual and Auditory senses.

Benign means good, benevolent, and favorable and is the opposite of

Malignant – meaning bad, deadly, and destructive. Benign is a power-word!

Your job is to use your left and right index fingers and thumbs (simultaneously)

like an Air Guitar to create a capital letter B, plus the number 9. The reinforcement

by your Mudra (finger gestures) to seeing and hearing the power word – “Benign”,

activates your entire Nonconscious Mind. “Benign”-is-a-power-symbol.


Make believe there is a blackboard at your eye level. Point – using your Thumb and adjoining (linked) Index finger as if you are holding a long piece of chalk, and produce the symbols B-9, B-9 and B-9. Where? In the air – Air-Write “B-9” because

“Benign” is a power-word to trigger your Nonconscious mind and body & mind).

Baby-Easy Solutions Using Nonconscious Mind

Just before you fall asleep – you can tell 60 seconds before you start to Snooze – repeat these five (5) questions (or any one or more of them) to your Nonconscious

which never sleeps and works 24/7. On awakening intuitions will arrive with potential solutions.

Key Words: remember O.D. (overdose) to trigger 1. Overcome 2. Differently, and

OAR (for rowing) to trigger 3. Opportunities 4. Alternative 5. Resources.

1. How can I OVERCOME this problem, (challenge and dilemma)?

2. How can I think DIFFERENTLY about this problem?

3. What OPPORTUNITIES am I overlooking?

4. What is an ALTERNATIVE way to view this problem?

5. What RESOURCES could I use to win all the marbles?

Endwords: If you could read and remember three (3) books, articles and reports in the time your peers can hardly finish one, would that give you a competitive advantage for career success and more dinero? Contact us for our free speed reading report. Will it improve your life? You decide.

Google: Donald O. Hebb: “neurons that fire together, wire together.”

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