Maybe you think that a motivational speaker is an unnecessary expense for your business. Maybe you think this person will not benefit your staff enough to compensate for the time and money he requires.  Well, think again… because if this is your line of thinking, maybe you are under appreciating your personnel.

A motivational speaker’s mission is to inspire your work force and to enhance their sense of pride in what they do by teaching them new skills to improve their life and their work, and to help them see their jobs under a new and different light.

Motivational speakers are business leaders that have trained themselves in the areas of public speaking and motivation in order to be able to inspire others into action and to teach people in high positions within companies to reach their staff in meaningful ways.  They employ proven techniques to get the best results out of the people they are motivating, in alignment with the company’s mission and vision.

It is important to hire a motivational speaker every time your company schedules a one or two-day training event.  This is a way to show your staff how much faith you have in them by encouraging them to learn new things, new perspectives, and to become better human beings.  The speaker will teach your employees how to act on what he teaches; he will show them simple techniques to apply what they have learned to their jobs and other areas of their lives, enhancing their experience on the job and outside of it.

The trick here is to find the right motivational speaker for your people.  He must be credible and respected by your staff; thus, it is best if you hire someone with experience in your field.  A speaker that can relate to your industry will be able to enrich the presentation by sharing personal stories that will make sense to the audience and will offer a completely new level of bonding.  Take your time researching the best motivational speakers out there, and ask for referrals. If a speaker is good, most certainly many people in your industry already know him.

Professional speakers will create a specific plan for each presentation, ensuring that it is relevant, interesting, and amusing, so as to keep the audience engaged and asking for more.  It is important that you talk to your staff after the event, to understand what they think about the experience, what they learned, what they considered most valuable, and how they plan to apply what was taught.  Do not forget to encourage them by praising their work and reminding them how valuable they are to you and your company’s success.

Regular motivational speaking events will guarantee that your people feel cherished and respected.  They will regard their job as worthy because their employer is investing time and money on them and their personal growth.  They will talk about it, and when they do, they will be showing you their loyalty and willingness to do and be their best.

Yes, a good motivational speaker is an investment, but it is a worthwhile one, because your staff is the heart of your business. If they are happy, your business thrives. If they are unhappy, you lose them and eventually, you will probably lose your company.

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Thirty years as a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur have given John Hersey a unique perspective on human behavior, leadership, motivation and change. This foundation allows him to offer speaking, coaching, and consulting programs that are rich with content and packed with actionable fresh insights. He knows about leadership because that is exactly what he has done throughout his career-lead organizations and teams.

John Hersey is the author of Finding and Keeping Great Leaders—CEO’s Explain How Corporate Culture Shapes Potential Leaders. His first book, Creating Contagious Leadership, identifies his low-cost, high-return formula. The benefits of his programs are powerful, and include truly engaging the audience to grow and develop their skills in the fields of customer service, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

As active Volunteers and Philanthropists, John Hersey and his wife, Beverly Belury, actively support the McKenzie Monks Foundation, which helps kids cope with cancer, Junior Achievement, The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale, where he has served as a speech mentor to the Youth of the Year contenders for the past three years.

Become the Leader Your Company Needs. Get My 6 FREE Leadership Videos Here:

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