Big, gigantic, powerful or the top will never fight.  They always avoid confrontation or war. This law is well followed by all the species except man in nature.   It appears that, in nature, the true definition of big is very complete and mutual.  Recognizing the strength of the ‘self’ and recognizing & respecting the strength of ‘others’ is what seems to be the perfect meaning attributed to the word ‘big’ by all the ‘big’ species in nature. 


The best example one can find in this regard in nature is about the ‘reasonably meaningful’ co-existence of hippopotamus and crocodiles inAfrica.   The interesting fact is that the hippopotamus is a vegetarian animal and on the contrary the crocodile is strictly a carnivorous animal.  


Both the animals are very gigantic, powerful and require aquatic medium to live.  Both are amphibious also.  Crocodiles hunt many large animals such as wild beast, zebra and deer while crossing the river in which they live or these animals come to the water for drinking. 



The interesting question is how they live in the same habitat with so much of contrast or totally opposite needs or behavioural traits without harming each other.   Although they overlap or cross at each other, virtually they avoid fighting in most occasions. 


Why do they accept each other instead of confronting or fighting?  Answer to the above question must be drawn or seen from the management perspective than from biological or ecological point of view. 


Perhaps the meaning of co-existence would have been well understood by these species.  The philosophy of co-existence demands that beyond being very powerful, also one has to recognize and respect the strength of the other.   When equally two powerful species fight, both would perish especially when the habitat requirements of both species if happens to be the same.  


A successful survival can be established only when they learn to avoid fighting and see the larger picture of success.


The corporate and its employees must realize the fact that fighting will never result in success.  If one recognize and respect their strength, they also need to show the same gesture to others.  Only when an imbalance or an error is created in the very recognition or understanding the strength of the ‘self’ and the strength of ‘others’ fight becomes inevitable.     


The real power is not the capability and strength to do anything but to know the power of the other as well.  This essence is well understood by crocodiles and hippopotamus.  This deep message every corporate and its employees must learn and should follow.  

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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