When do different species of birds build their nest and when do they prefer to live in them?  When do lion or any other animals prefer to live in their den or hole or whatever the dwelling place of animals may be called so? 


Can a management principle be drawn from these examples?  In general, none of the animals in nature are known to or love to live in nest or den or holes.  They do so only during nursing their young ones.  All animals prefer to be part of the nature and also like to be with nature.  They believe in nature and hence they never look for a safer place to live than be in nature itself.   The trust or belief of animals in nature is the true reflection their self belief and self confidence rather than a mere foolish trust in nature. 


But the same animal search for a safer place or build their nest or hideouts when the responsibility of caring the young ones becomes imminent.       


What management message the corporate has to draw from the above behaviour of animals?   The employees should form a part of the corporate ecosystem they work and should not search for a safer place in the very same corporate.  The corporate also has the responsibility in creating an ever supportive environment like how nature offers to all the animals.   While trusting or believing the corporate ecosystem, the employees also should be made to belief in return in the self like how nature had favoured the same feelings in all animals. 



A perfect co-existence among various animals with their ecosystem and among each others can be seen in nature.  It is possible purely because all animals follow the culture of absolute transparency and independence in their interaction with nature. 


The corporate employees should realize that co-existence never negate the possibility of contradiction.   However, the contradiction should not impede the possibility of co-existence.    


The true interdependence and mutually contributing & supporting relationship is possible only if such ecosystem is created in the corporate. 


Other important management learning one has to derive from the above is that how animals build their safer hideout when they feel necessary.  None of the animal is known to destroy their habitat or the ecosystem even for their own self interest.   Many employees while working in an organization are known to act against the interest and growth of the same concern.   Until a severe damage is implicated or such an act is discovered, they continue to engage in such business secretly.  


Unless the HR creates a trusting and supportive interaction between employees and the corporate, both of them will be searching only hideouts and backups.  Learn from nature as nature has enough to offer to your management knowledge. 

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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