Leaders are found everywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, everybody is a leader in one way or another. It does not really matter what responsibility is bestowed to a person. You can never judge a good leader by the capacity that lies under him or her. Instead, the level or responsibility speaks volumes.

For so long, people tend to judge leaders according to what they lead. This is not a credible basis. A leader will always be a leader, whether a head of state or a simple shepherd. For such an instance, they both lead both lead different types of flocks, only the capacity varies.

Some social organizations or communities tend to conceive leadership as a reserved role. This is one of the major setbacks. In some communities, particularly the African continent, men seem to dominate the leadership skills. This is a common misconception about this process. As a matter of fact, it is a taboo to for women to lead in some societies. The major policy here is that, if at all they have to assume this role, it only becomes practical on domestic grounds. This setting gives the man the overall privilege of determining the affairs of the society.

Another misconception regarding leadership is the fact that the subject has to stick to power for as long as he or she can. This is the major root of dictatorial behaviors in many states of the world. Some individual believe that they can not give up their seats. They tend to have a feeling that it is a sign of cowardice. Normally, this is never realistic. As a matter of fact, builds a foundation for a harmonious society.


Some people tend to count their leadership success by the terms served as a leader. If at all leaders were to be counted on such basis, the world would be deprived of millions of the. The impact of your tenure as a leader is what counts. It does not matter how long one has been steering the affairs of certain aspects of life.

The world has been known to have many long serving rulers whose overall achievements can not be compared to the short-serving ones. This is proof enough to relay the point that true leaders are never determined by their tenure, their achievements matters a lot.

As much as leadership training works out for future leaders, the big question is does every human being in the world have to undergo these sessions so as to attain an honorable position in the society? The answer is probably, NO.

We can never predict the future by counting the number of scholars or graduates taking leadership development training programs or online leadership development courses. Some rulers have been known to rise from scratch. They come from families that do not have the capacity to fend their educational process, yet they make it into this league and compete for top positions with other highly academic competitors.

In conclusion, leadership entails ones determination. For the cases of political leadership, the manifesto of the aspiring candidate is what separates him or her from other competitors, not the wealth status or influence.

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