Sanlian Group With close melee, close up shop the way, continue to

States United States Tough fight. 5 1st, triple Group to create the “triple

Home Appliances “Shopping in Jinan, Shandong, Zaozhuang and Weifang opened its store in Jinan and

Triple Trading Company Jinan Simon flagship store less than 20 meters apart, are located north of triple trading company. To help people understand their “life experience”, Joint appliances also continuously published in the local media, two “Notice to appliance customers triple book”, repeatedly emphasized the “old triad is back!” Triple Zhang Manager Group Corporate Culture higher adjusted declared, “This is the beginning of a new triple group, the future we plan to build in the province from 80 to 100 triple stores.”

ST triple in newly trading company, this is the city of dark clouds signal??? Triple trading company last month released its 29th Annual Report, 2008, net loss of 94.32 million yuan. Since 2007, two consecutive fiscal year 2008 net income are negative, since April 30, the triple corporations often referred to as triple into * ST.

Quarterly this year, the same is not optimistic: a loss totaling 8.01 million yuan, earnings per share -0.032 yuan, investment analysts even suggested that investors avoid triple trading company. “Triple group affiliated store opening triple trading company’s passenger flow will be diverted to its operating pressure; in view of short-term triple trading company fundamentals difficult to change, the proposed avoidance.”

Workaholic Sanlian Group assumed the posture, but the triple trading company in the view, “the behavior of triple Group is very sensible, can be said to a dead end.” Triple a small trading company said vice chairman of Sun, 3 United Group Construction funds are needed to store the original triple trading company employees raised. “To stake the temptation of encouraging fund-raising staff built shops, now also allows triple trading company employees also appeared to triple Group to terminate the contract side of the phenomenon, in order to triple the Group’s current financial situation simply can not protect the interests of staff.”

Sanlian Group side stressed that, the new company mainly exports its own brands, web, site, culture, shopping staff, especially with key staff, management of collective investment model, “The employee stock ownership The model also led to a triple trading company employee turnover, return flow of talent Sanlian Group, which is a new triple appliances to achieve in the short term that is rapidly opening an important factor. “

War of words did not mention, who can eventually dominate the market, is the last word. The good news is that trading companies could triple the country’s resumption of the United States.

According to Hong Kong media reports,

Negotiations with the Fund on the sale of shares has been completed, is more than just the details still need to discuss the country to sell the United States will fund up to about 20% stake, is expected this week, its fastest resume trading.

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