Technical strategies are always crucial in the work place. By all means, it is important to profit. But is profit all there is to a company? Are companies all about applying the mechanics of bringing in more revenues? What about essence, or core values? Are they still important in the work place?

What are communications in your work environment? Is the staff engaged or disengaged? And to what extent? How do people in the office treat each other? Is the atmosphere cordial and harmonious? Do the personnel respect each other as a manifestation of their self- respect and integrity, too? Or is discord in the air, with some employees exhibiting arrogance and disrespect?

The latter tells about negative behaviors, and they are common in most work places. These are often rude, dismissive and disrespectful behaviors, breeding negativity in the environment. Tension arises from negativity, although at certain levels, a bit of stress or tension is good. Tension holds a bridge together and keeps the strings of a guitar fixed in place. In the work place, tension from the management maintains order and ensures productivity. Even tension from competition can produce positive results. But there is such kind of tension from negativity which is toxic, and it infests people within the premises. Negative behavior then becomes an epidemic, causing character illnesses to involved individuals.


This is where Catch and Correct comes in, and the essence of this approach to negative behavior is Elegant Courage. Elegance is soft, kind and gracious, and coupled with Courage is most likely to resolve discords in peace. To effectively implement Catch and Correct, you first have to define your core values. Which of these core values are most important to you?

Personal Accountability

Define your core values and what you stand for, and these will provide the foundation for the choices and decisions you make as boss, a friend or an employee. These core values will give you the confidence to practice Elegant Courage and promote a harmonious work environment successful in its values as well as fiscal revenues.

Core values are to be shared, not merely as rules, but as motivation to cultivate and nurture harmony in the work place. Harmony leads to positivity and positivity results to the desire and openness to change and improve. Catch and Correct is constructive in its approach- dealing with negative behaviors in a positive manner, and in the end causing a desire to reform to the defensive party instead of being humiliated.

Catch and Correct is Change for the better through positive strategies. Mastery of the Catch and Correct approach primarily depends on one thing, and that is to be honest with yourself and what you stand for. When you have your core motivation in place, it will lead you to the right track.

Lighthouse Leadership is the brain child of executive leadership coaches Jodi Wiff and Mike Krutza.  Our leadership coaching focus is to help people‘sort out the noise’ in the workplace, create a brilliant picture for the future and keep you on pace to move forward with renewed energy, focus and commitment.
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