Not matter how tight budgets are today, it can!

For some years now, the economy has been slowing down dramatically, and many companies have been forced to tighten up their financial belts, making them wonder if now is the best time to bring in a leadership speaker, among other tough decisions.

As most of us know, but deeply try not to acknowledge, we commonly dismiss what is truly important in favor of what’s “really” urgent.  The financial struggle companies are experiencing has put them into the crossroads of weighing what’s worth investing in and what is disposable.  The way in which they approach this moment of truth can make all the difference between surviving or falling prey to the crisis.

Leadership speakers are critical during hard times; they provide people with what they need the most: hope, knowledge, and the tools to get the job done when faced with the reality of reduced manpower and fewer resources.

The advantage a leadership speaker has is that he works with many different types of businesses in many different fields, allowing him to see things from a higher perspective, from a privileged point of view.  He is able to combine the issues, problems, and opportunities he sees across these companies to formulate an accurate and broader view of the situation.

A leadership speaker will offer a unique view because he is an outsider.  He is not directly involved in the specific situation of a business; thus, he is not influenced by its fears and experiences.  Very much on the contrary, his broad experience and knowledge of many types of organizations entitles him to propose new ways of looking at situations so as to get the best out of them.

The leadership speaker’s mission is to show people how to rise above challenges and grow.  He is able to do this because he is a superb communicator, trained to lead, advise, and motivate.  Since he does not relate, personally or professionally, at any level with either high executives or the company’s workforce, it is easy for him to teach everyone what they need to know based on their positions and future possibilities.       

A leadership speaker can help a business adjust faster to a changing environment.  He helps the company’s leadership team by empowering people to strive no matter what; he teaches the organization about change, and how to see it as an opportunity rather than a threat.  Through leadership and good judgment, he teaches strategic thinking for difficult times, and how to act based on reliable information and understanding of the situation, but probably the most important aspect of the leadership speaker’s job is that he is a source of hope and possibility, while at the same time he has his feet firmly planted on the ground.

The decision to hire a leadership speaker during a crisis proves your company’s commitment and confidence in its people, and the true value of its service.

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Thirty years as a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur have given John Hersey a unique perspective on human behavior, leadership, motivation and change. This foundation allows him to offer speaking, coaching, and consulting programs that are rich with content and packed with actionable fresh insights. He knows about leadership because that is exactly what he has done throughout his career-lead organizations and teams.

John Hersey is the author of Finding and Keeping Great Leaders—CEO’s Explain How Corporate Culture Shapes Potential Leaders. His first book, Creating Contagious Leadership, identifies his low-cost, high-return formula. The benefits of his programs are powerful, and include truly engaging the audience to grow and develop their skills in the fields of customer service, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

As active Volunteers and Philanthropists, John Hersey and his wife, Beverly Belury, actively support the McKenzie Monks Foundation, which helps kids cope with cancer, Junior Achievement, The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale, where he has served as a speech mentor to the Youth of the Year contenders for the past three years.
Become the Leader Your Company Needs. Get My 6 FREE Leadership Videos Here:

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