“11” golden weeks, major shopping malls, stores, supermarket sales will be across the board, especially in this Golden Week, a time when the motherland’s 60th birthday, when the National Daqing, most people will have radiant point to their own or new home purchase object, the “Golden Week”, “Golden Week”, all consumption “Golden Week” call manufacturers can not help loving!


Air conditioning

Enterprises, “11” is the new year opened the first Cold War, we have made new nonstop promotion order is out to seize the “11” excellent business opportunities. Air conditioner market has increasingly become the exclusive arena giants, Gree, Midea, Haier,


, Kelon,




, Oaks, all of them are in the market Henjiao Se, with the price hit the market is Costly. The “11”, new battle has begun in the cold, Gree, Midea two energy efficiency of 35 aircraft dropped 2,590 yuan price of about 35 energy efficiency Oaks a machine directly pulled 1,890 yuan, while Pescod even the edge, an energy-efficient heating machine prices 1P only 1,780 yuan. This is a ratio of a low price, in the end when it was exploration in the end, just this time, the price Galanz last battle of the butcher, 999 yuan of air conditioning, a direct stab to the limit the price! Let us see, to 999 yuan air promotions team, led by Glanz:

Gelanshiyi Po Series KFR-23GW/dLP7-150 (2) original price 1699 yuan, 999 yuan at current prices

This energy efficient air conditioning for the two is eight years Galanz cold air conditioning new 2010 one, selected countries


Waste Management products ranks. CPU control of high intelligence, precision set to automatically turn 26 degrees Celsius, guarantees room temperature 26 degrees Celsius, creating the most comfortable body temperature of space. This is also a positive response to the state Galanz high-tech energy-saving result of the new measures, with the two energy-efficient air-conditioning did Po Yi energy efficient and comfortable. Innovation and Technology CMSD Flexible duct design, duct design on the indoor unit upgrading again, the air smooth, low noise, reduced to 22dB.

Gelanshiyi Series Air Po

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Exterior side, this air-conditioned with large flat white acrylic material


Color crystal moist, smooth as jade, and highly corrosion resistant features. Timeless, easy to yellow fade. Galanz air conditioner with a unique light sterilization technology, launched in the air, while “light generator” launched high-energy light waves, can quickly kill the air conditioning evaporator around the common bacteria and viruses. The average rate of 99.43% sterilization. H1N1 is now very widely spread, such as the family plus a layer of protective air cover, why not do it. This level of product sold to 999 yuan, with Galanz own words, are “crazy” behavior.

Yi Bao

other series there are other models also make different range of promotions, are:

KFR-26GW/dLP7-130 (2) 2 Energy Efficiency Price: 1899 yuan at current prices: 1499 yuan

KFR-32GW/dLP7-130 (2) 2 Energy Efficiency Price: 2099 yuan price: 1699 yuan


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