Who is a leader? This is a question people have asked me several number of times. But I always do have just one answer:

A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way.

I believe everybody can be a leader, but not so many people would like to take up the responsibility as a leader. It is also obvious that there are not many good leaders around. If there were, you and I would be able to point them out without much difficulty. I believe that there are many reasons why there are few outstanding leaders, but the following tips would sterlingly guide anyone to become a great leader.

1. Decide to become one of the few good leaders in this world.

2. Genuinely interact with the “great” ( the nobles,the rich, etc) and the “small” (the poor).

3. Maintain personal integrity.Your integrity is shattered by lies and deception.

4. Give people hope.

5. Do not be lifeless leader. Have a conviction!

6. Wait for your season to be great.

7. Use the secret of concentration.

Every great human achievement is the result of concentration.
Concentration makes you work faster.The faster you work the more energy and interest you will have.

8. Help the people around you to accomplish great things with their lives.

9. Make people obey you gladly.To do this successfully:

Do not give unreasonable instructions.
Teach your followers why certain things have to be done
Explain instructions in detail so that everyone understands the instructions.
Let the people see that you obey instructions yourself.
Punish people who disobey and reward people accordingly.

10. Contemplate,reflect,be thoughtful and consider the things you see around you.

11. Strive for excellence.

12. Everything depends on the leadership.

13. Rally people around you.This can easily be done by:

Making people feel that you really want them around you.
Appreciating the people around you.
Showing people that you respect them, no matter who they are or what they have.
Never tease someone who does not like being teased.
Be an encourager.
Saying thank you for everything.
Showing interest in people’s personal lives.
Being not partial.
Going the extra mile to help someone.
Being friendly and greeting people in a pleasant way.
Being concerned when listening to people’s problems.

14. Choose hard and difficult things instead of nice and easy things.

15. Readily embrace new ideas.

16. Value people.

17. Spend any amount of money and time to get a book.

18. See ahead! Prepare for the future.

19. Always learn new things.

20. Know your strengths and flow in them.

21. Be ready for a long fight.

22. Count your pennies. Do not waste money or your resources.

23. Tell the truth always.

24. Don’t lose your focus.

25. Recognize the small beginnings of a great career.

26. Treat people as equals but make the differences clear.

27. Do not allow yourself to be poisoned by bitterness.

28. Know a little about everything that goes on.

29. Be a leader with emotion.

30. Take your privileges at the right time and for the right reason.

31. Relate with individuals and relate with the crowd.

32. Overcome the disadvantages of youthfulness and inexperience by studying history.

33. Take responsibilities and give account.

34. Don’t give up your source of power.

35. Be decisive! It is the greatest attribute of a leader.

36. Know the power of habits and develop good habits.

37. Know where you are! Know where your are not! And you will know where to go!

38. Become self-motivated. Do not expect direction or encouragement from outside.

39. Be flexible.Rigidity is costly.

40. Command your troops.

41. Balance your priorities.

42. Live by the logical laws of teamwork.

43. Get angry sometimes.

44. Control the people you lead by the power of teaching.

45. Go the extra mile.

46. Acknowledge the gifts of others.

47. Be a creative leader.

48. Respect principles and you will build a great organization.

49. Don’t think of how much money you can get from the people you lead. Think of how much you can help them.

50. Grow in your influence.

51. If you are a student or one time in school,do well to have an excellent academic records. Pass all tests that come your way. When you fail, do not worry much.

Failing is part of winning.Learn some lessons from your failure and try again.

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