Now when it comes to working and playing, many of us would much rather play than work. The release of the social media model at the LifePassionnetwork, allows you to combine the work play dynamic, and enables you to do the work you enjoy so working actually becomes fun.

While working in corporate America, I began to feel unfulfilled and lifeless. Each day I felt like my life was just wasting away. It became more and more challenging simply to get up and go to work. I knew, deep down, I needed to find my passion and purpose and really be able to transfer that into my business and have it be what I do as a whole.

So I became a life coach. I started learning more about personal development, and online marketing. I first started a website and begin writing about my passion. From that point, we’ve created tremendous success, incredible momentum, and everything just seems to be falling into place. We really realized that its the love and passion for what you do that fuels your desire and success.

So if you are unhappy, if you feel that your current situation is not providing you with the freedom, the passion and fulfillment you deserve, you owe it to yourself to take what you love, to really do what’s important to you, to use this model, to use social media, and the internet to brand yourself. Create this business model around what you are passionate about. Once you apply this system, you can get out there and connect with people in your target market, learn more about what it is you love. In return, you can share that information with others, which will enable you to transform this model into an infinite income generating system.

Now I want you to understand that we are creating powerful change. We are creating a shift from the old way of thinking by:

1. Really making a living at doing what we are passionate about.

2. Partnering up and working together to create infinite wealth and success as a whole. We can make that shift from the, “I have to do it alone mentality,” or “the only way of getting ahead is to get over on someone else,” to uniting people, joining forces, cooperation, building partnerships, that will allow us to lift each other up and experience a life beyond our wildest dreams that we couldn’t build on our own.

3. Building a network of followers and friends. This allows you to create an email list which is key to online success and will allow you to create any amount of wealth, any amount of success you want til the end of time. As you continue to share your passion and add value to the lives of others, this in turn builds trust and opens the door for solicitation of products and services.

You can make the transition from the conditioned social and corporate mindset that has provided you with the results you currently have and allow this proven system to really ignite your passion. You will no longer have to work for someone else, only for yourself and with people you love. You’ll be able to travel the world and see the greatest and most inspiring natural beauty and human made creations. You will have the ability to live anywhere you chose, in any state or country, or climate, and move as often as you want. The entire earth can be your home. You would be free to learn and master any skill you chose.

Keith is a Personal Development & Online Marketing coach. He motivates and inspires others to fulfill their dreams, live their passions, and achieve their life’s purpose.  You can learn more at:  http://LifePassion.netIf you want more exposure for your business and could benefit from a network of people promoting your business for you, visit the Life Passion Network at:
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