Just consider me your experiences on that journey. I have read over 150 books on leadership quality, leadership of a master’s degree, and attended extensive courses, seminars and conferences devoted to the leadership qualities and ability to improve. I’m sure there a definitive list of properties to be the world’s largest subjective nature of such a list because leaders will not be held responsible. However, a short list, one that has easy to remember and so used, I have sifted through pages and pages of literature to determine, for yourself, a leader of the 3 important property in an attempt to.

Quality # 1: brave, honest, reliable and keep – the three qualities I believe, will live together in a quality one. Can not exist without the other. August 2008 blog post from him, “I learned about what summer camp leadership”, Poynter Institute Jill Geissler “in praise of followers” to quote Robert E. Kelly’s one of the leaders of four important property description: “They are brave honest, reliable, and.” Going a step further, I say a very courageous leader brutally honest with themselves and their people to create and reliability to be want to retain should be.

As an educational leader in my career, I have been putting in countless “turn around” situations where employees and customers alike through the previous manager’s past offenses suffered. In each of those cases, I take my loins and pieced tie was broken. I in order to build credibility “bad mouthing” My predecessor had followed through with no changes. I brave enough to each monthly staff meetings and show progress until I could set the right place at the “lion’s den” had to walk to. And “why” when asked if I had to answer honestly without spinning reaction.

Quality # 2: Know your people – South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela led a force to calm his spirit demonstrated. Read my articles and books, “Invictus” look, and you will understand that the most powerful properties have had the ability to connect with their people. One for a mile in their shoes to difficulties is actually the case that particular place and time as a leader faced figure would walk. Yet he and his countrymen with his turn around with them by making deep and meaningful connections keep our country united in the effort. He felt that no person was more important than himself. Each had a place and a purpose, and it was extremely important that the exactly when he spoke to a person or a group identity.

I just run my own educational organizations through the experience can relate to this. I recognize it for its 1000 students and 80 employees of each of their faces, and to try to connect on some level object is created. When I was a student, when I face a room I can remember a situation associated with the person went missing is not the name. I took a day to meet with each of your staff – this means that I at least twice a week on campus needs to be an evening not to be missed. It means the weekend, since my campus classes offered Saturday and Sunday. At times, when I was a person, more of a team or a group of students need to ask, I countered no resistance. A student told me, “if you can be at 10:00 at night for us, so we can be here for you when you need us.”

# 3 Quality: inspire passion and interest – Disney Institute, says my friend, a leader must focus his attention on … ‘message, values, strategy guides and inspiring passion and interest. ” Although it easily could be among the top 3 qualities, I believe the “inspiring passion and interest” is a skill to possess a good leader and should continue to develop. Being courageous, honest and reliable, and knowing her people – – the first two qualities of a leader through consistent practice in order to her staff and the daily challenges of a difficult meeting with inspiring passion, creating a serious interest in eventually will build a successful organization.

I challenge you to dig deep inside and led to the three qualities you think you lead your organization in order to develop the next level must possess. Finally, what are the properties as their constant attention to them and you grow them yourself and how your team is not as important.

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