Back in March 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao in the face of foreign reporter’s question, admits that the Chinese economy this year will be the most difficult year. To this end the chief economist Yao Jingyuan, National Bureau of Statistics also raised the 2008 reform and opening up China’s economy will face the biggest test of three years, said one. “There are too many unpredictable factors. As we see from the entry in 2008 to domestic natural disasters, rising inflationary pressures, rising energy and raw material prices, as the external economic environment has deteriorated, the Chinese economic growth will slow down and worrying. “did not think only a few months apart, this concern is reflected in the Chinese mainland began to be staged. Volatile stocks, real estate price reduction, oil prices in the global economy is facing collapse, China’s booming Pearl River Delta region of the original school of business enterprises have trouble processing and the verge of bankruptcy, resulting in a bumper harvest this should be the face early autumn when the winter . 23 September 63 of the UN General Assembly general debate, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is warning in his speech: “We are facing the global financial crisis and this crisis will affect everyone’s life.”

In the present economic situation in China, we operate the oil belongs to energy projects, we are in the most sensitive nerve of the economy, in 2008 for all of the oil dealers, the operation is very difficult to do large manufacturers in the continually reminder assignments while prices will be volatile in the non-stop all day is not practical.

But oil as a daily consumer goods industry, its demand is huge, the current oil market is gradually return to normal, from the Chinese economy Developing Momentum term, its growth rate is still highest in the world, and will continue for a long time, it will inevitably continue to have a strong wealth effect. However, whether corporate or individual operators, in the face of Market Environment more complex, too many uncertain factors, the difficulty is constantly increasing business.

China’s oil industry from the life-cycle analysis, with the industry for so many years of development, the relevant state law and regulation, the implementation of the country standard, oil industry is gradually and automobile manufacturing, integration and other emissions, while oil industry, the industry continued in the return of the theme, we can predict oil industry will enter a mature, Shuffle is the inevitable requirement of industry, competition between different brands will become increasingly fierce. Oil industry to make quick money before the end times, rely on speculation is not possible to meet future competition. Operators for each of us at this stage, or employees, the primary task is to consider how to choose a good brand, choose a good platform for enterprises to re-energize! How to choose a good brand that we are able to discuss the topic.

1, brand strength 08-year period of high oil prices, many brands disappear overnight, with the recent drop in oil prices, is likely to mushroom in 2009, will increase the difficulty of our choice. But 09 is re-shuffle of lubricating oil may be inevitable, because the industry has begun to return, as an operator, do not want their brand of choice in this round of “Shuffle” is eliminated. A strong brand for the dealer is strong backing.

And determine the strength of a brand, a brand can be seen first of all barriers to entry. Barriers to entry are higher, the stronger the strength of its brand. Care, the bigger the better companies always want to select distributors and dealers through the entry threshold to select the best choice.

Followed up from the analysis of some indicators. For example, plant size enterprises, production, use of the funds, operations management, marketing support, is expected to brand building investment, product development, planning and so on.

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