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2008 National Vocational Skills Competition held in Tianjin

6 27 -30 days, by the Ministry of Education, Tianjin People’s Government and other 11 co-sponsoring the “2008 National Vocational Skills Competition” held in Tianjin. By then, the State Council, Ministry of Education, Tianjin municipal government units and other leaders will attend the opening ceremony. National Vocational Skills Competition in the contest period, will also host the 2008 China Vocational Education Reform and Development Forum, the Sixth National Vocational Education equipment ( Teaching material ) Equipment exhibition. Also organized three national vocational education vocational education activities are the largest ever in China, the largest project, the most extensive coverage, the most important events specification.

Unprecedented three major activities Competition on 27-30 June 2008 held in Tianjin, competition of 4 days, there will be thousands of people from home and abroad participate in this event. The campaign consists of three sections:

First, in June 27-30 at the “2008 National Vocational Skills Competition”, where the opening ceremony was held at Nankai University Sports Centre, will be showing the opening style of vocational education, reflecting the characteristics of vocational education theatrical performances; 28-29 from the National 37 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps more than 3,000 contestants will be nine venues for the 10 professional categories of the 24 games of the match; 30 am closing ceremony in Tianjin Grand Hall of the Competition and Award Ceremony.

Second, the afternoon of June 28 hotels in Tianjin at the “2008 China Summit Forum on Vocational Education and Development”, six Chinese and foreign vocational education Expert Will make the General Assembly.

Third, June 28-29 held at the Tianjin International Exhibition Center “of the Sixth National Vocational Education and Modern Technology Equipment Exhibition “, 700 booths have been recruited over.

Skills contest ready The competition is divided into two groups of higher and middle levels, total of 10 professional categories, 24 games, all vocational schools in Tianjin on the basis of a positive bid, after the selection of experts, established in Tianjin Electrical Professional Institute of Technology, Tianjin Sino-German Technical Institute, Tianjin Light Industry Vocational College, Tianjin Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Nanyang Technical School in Tianjin, Tianjin Youth Vocational College, Tianjin Vocational College of Transportation, Tianjin Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Nankai District Education Bureau, Zone of Peace Education in 10 organizer. Undertaker and the arena is basically the same, are Tianjin track conditions and better technical equipment, focusing on the construction of vocational schools and vocational colleges. The undertaker in charge of industry sectors and the strong support of the district government, in accordance with the games on the site and the technical requirements for site rehabilitation and purchase of equipment, municipal finance on the competition for the great support. So far, competition equipment will all installation and commissioning, through acceptance.

Summit to look forward to In the contest and exhibition, with “schools and enterprises work together in strong human resources” as the theme of the forum, its development trends of international vocational analysis and theoretical explanation of the reform of vocational education, vocational education in China will reform and development play a great role. Vigorously develop vocational education, the promotion of human resources power building, development of vocational education and world outlook of China’s high-quality skills Talent Strategic Thinking Training and other reports, revealed the development of vocational education in the 21st century dynamics of China’s vocational education situation and future development of ideas and initiatives for the 21st century key competencies and skills and education, and industry Cooperation Major issues such as the diversification mode. Meanwhile, the trend for the development of vocational education, key issues and challenges and propose feasible development proposal.

Corporate hiring needs in the light of Forum, schools and enterprises build innovative personnel training mode, according to the professional job, the reform of teaching content, teaching methods, teaching methods and evaluation methods, and cooperation with enterprises, development of high-quality core curriculum respect for Vocational Education provides the advanced international experience and cases.

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