A lot of thinking and investment goes into starting a new business enterprise. Once the business is rolled out, there is an extreme amount of work pressure to set it going and as a result of which Marketing is put on the back burner.

But for any business to succeed, visibility is absolutely necessary, as it is only through visibility that it can attract more business which in turn results in revenue. All businesses are broken down by categories. However, within each category there has to be some clear differentiators to attract people and those differentiators are created during marketing conceptualization where we help you to define your business concept and help you to roll it out into different marketing collaterals.

Similarly, even established businesses, sometimes wonder why they are not as successful as they could be, and the difference is in brand identification. When we buy sneakers we ask for Reebok, Nike or a similar brand. Similarly, across all products, customers identify their preferred product by its brand identity. To quote another example, Kellogg’s may be as good as any other cereal in the market but a customer prefers to buy Kellogg’s because there is a connection between the name and certain brand attributes.

To differentiate yourself from competition you need a strong brand identity. You may understand your core business well. However, when marketing it, you may not know how to translate ideas into a creative concept that will position your business in your target market’s mind.

In a nutshell, the first step in any marketing initiative is branding your business. The creative concept that goes behind any branding, is a serious and delicate activity. Do not take shortcuts or skip this process, you will pay dearly if you do.

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