Looking for an internet business is a lot like driving down the only road in town, to find nothing but billboards.  You quickly get caught up in programs and systems like MLM’s, affiliate marketing, blogging and a dozen other temptations.

All of them promise to make you rich.  All you have to do is buy this program or that system, follow the step by step instructions and go for your life.  The two things none of them stress, is the importance of getting genuine business sales leads and converting them to sales.  Once you have figured out the product, those things will just happen, in some vague way, to do with ‘traffic’. All you have to do is learn the program.

Traffic, or the more popular expression; a list,  is code for; this does not mean actual leads, but it is vague and sounds easy to do and it will not focus a prospect on how they are going to get sales. You see, traffic in itself is meaningless it is a list of email addresses, in line with a list of names from a phone book.  The only traffic that counts is business sales leads because they are at least people who are likely to buy your product. That is, if you have something of genuine value to sell them.

If you are reading this, and you do have some business experience you are thinking; well, so far this is all very obvious!

But that is probably just before you stop to realize that a large percentage of newcomers to the internet have had zero experience in business. Even those who have had some offline experience tend to think that an online business is in a completely different category where different rules apply.  They are of course encouraged to hold this belief by every hot shot marketer they run into.  In any case, how many dud products did you buy before you found your feet?

Sure a list is important, but only if it is a list of genuine Business Sales Leads. Offline or online, the formula to success is the same. Your focus has to be on: No.1. customers=leads.  No.2. Sales.  You will get sales as long as you concentrate on customers=leads.

Everything else that goes on in a business will involve one of those two things. In the real world it is a lot easier to have clarity about that because there is rent to pay and staff to manage, shelves to stock and nobody seems to come through the door.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a real world business, or you are doing your best to make it online, you cannot afford to lose sight of those two priorities.  Get a scratch pad and keep it on your desktop and etch those two words into it in bold letters and never lose sight of your main aim because just about everyone you bump into online will try to take your focus away from it and put it wherever THEY need it to be.

People always know what they want they just do not always know what they need.  It takes tenacity and persistence and patience to learn a new craft. To be able to stay single minded and ignore the sparkling temptations along the way.  The less experience we have, the more our WANTS are likely to be out of sync with our NEEDS.

In the real world, very few, if any people go into a business they do not understand.  Online, almost everybody starts out with a business they have little if any clues about. Often it is a business no one can profit from except the person you buy it from.  Your chance to profit from a business you do not understand is nil.  The trick here is to realize that if you do not understand it, you should not buy it…Ever!

Well before you spend the money you need to ask yourself; who besides me, is going to fall in love with this product?  How and where do I find people  like me who will buy this on just my recommendation, when I don’t understand it myself?  If you don’t consider these questions before you buy you have likely done your money and wasted a lot of valuable time.

Even on the internet, business knowledge is essential and knowing and believing in your product is a given.  All skills can be learned, including business, but only by those prepared to take the time to learn.

That is why those two little words; Leads and Sales, are so important.  They keep you focused on the main game.  They lead you to the things you need to learn and they help you make the right choices.  They will ultimately drive you to succeed.

Doing business on the internet is as easy or difficult as doing business in the real world.  It takes energy, determination consistency and a commitment to learn the business. It is not easy for me to say these things, I started with business experience offline, yet, like most people, I too lost focus and made mistakes.  If someone was to ask me today ‘what is your dream product?’ I would say, I have a few great products, but I have only one dream product, and ironically, I found it just a few weeks ago.

For the first time in two years I am totally confident that I will achieve my goals.  It may not be the same for you.  For whatever reason, it seems all of us must go through some crazy ordeal of suffering, a trial by fire perhaps, before we get to where we can make a real income. You may still be going through that, or perhaps it is still ahead.

Unfortunately everybody seems to have gone through it, I am just so happy it is in my past.  I have found a place that totally satisfies my two priorities. I get an endless supply of business sales leads which takes care of my no.1 priority.

I have unlimited websites which include hosting and that is taking care of my no.2 priority and the strangest thing of all is that I’m cash neutral on cost because I have been able to replace my expensive auto-responder and  webhost with superior products that do not cost me a dime extra.  That’s without mentioning a few other huge advantages I suddenly possess.

So it has been a big win for me on both counts and I can cross out my scratch list items for good.  I wish for you what I have found for myself, an easier life, with a lot more income and some real joy in whatever you do.


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