Are you worried about the success of your small businesses this holiday season?  With the economy still in the dumps and many consumers not spending money like they have in year’s past, many small businesses are concerned about whether they can weather another holiday season.  The truth of the matter is that no matter what type of business you have, it might still be a difficult year. However, you can take the right steps now to ensure your success.  In fact, you can take steps now to make even more money this holiday season.  Ready to learn how?

For starters are you set up to accept credit cards?  According to Visa, one out of every three consumers in the United States is using some form of credit to make purchases. By not accepting credit cards, you miss out on those customers.  It is also predicted that this holiday season will see more people shopping online.  According to a new survey by MarketLive and E-tailing Group it is estimated that this holiday season 55% will shop online.  That’s is compared to 49% last year.  If you don’t have your business set up to accept credit card transactions, you are missing out on a major stream of income. That’s step #1.  If you don’t have a merchant account, get one now.

Step #2 – Make shopping online easy.  According to comScore during the 2008 holiday season (November 1 through December 23), online spending reached 25.5 billion.  It was down 3 percent last year, but the fact of the matter is that this shows just how many shop online.  Do you have your online shop set up to accept credit cards?  If not, do it now.  Many credit card processing companies, including CellCharge, Inc., offer shopping cart capabilities.  Make sure you go with a reliable company and one that meets all your needs. 
If you already have a shopping cart, look to see that you are getting the best rates for all your transactions.  You can make more money this season, by simply changing how much you pay for each credit card transaction.  Also, find a company that offers the best rates and also look for one that offers an all-in-one package.  That way you can get everything you need for one low price. That means that all transactions can be processed through one merchant account, and then deposited into one checking account, all listed on one statement. For example, let’s say you have a small retail store and just started a website. You can add a virtual terminal to your account. Then if you happen to present your products at craft shows, flea markets, trade shows, etc., you can add mobile account processing to your one account.  By finding one that offers one plan for everything – traditional swipe machines, virtual terminals, and credit card processing via phone you not only save money, but set up your business to make more money as well. 

Step #3 – Start Early. When most businesses think holiday shopping, Black Friday comes to mind.  Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, is often considered by merchants to be the start of the holiday season and many retailers make the majority of their money during this time frame. However, most smart shoppers begin their holiday shopping well before that time, especially those shopping online.  To have a successful holiday season, you need to start early.  Start now to list special promotions on your site. Market now to bring more exposure to your site.  And finally, consider adding benefits such as free shipping, etc.  This is a great enticement as then shoppers feel they can shop at home, yet get the same rates as if they fought the crowds at the mall.

Step #4 –Offer numerous credit options. It’s well known that most shoppers do spend more when you make it convenient for them.  They will often not only purchase what they came for, but also add on additional purchases because of the price or the fact that they are there.  By allowing them to make purchases using their credit cards this instills even more impulse buys   It’s almost pays to accept multiple types of payment methods (i.e., different credit cards). Having the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc., promotes more sales. Therefore, in setting up your merchant account look for a company that provides these options.

Take these steps now to maximize your profits this holiday season.  If you are looking for information on setting up a merchant account, stop by CellCharge, Inc. today for additional information.

Cell Charge specializes in setting up merchant accounts to accept credit cards via phone. Perfect for small businesses & others who want the convenience of offering their clients credit card processing anywhere, anytime. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

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