Starting a new business is a simple issue or a complicated one would depend on the way one looks at it. If one finds it cumbersome, it is best that it is avoided and continue with a more comfortable nine-to-fiver. Starting a business is simple for more self-motivated people but irrespective of motivation there are certain things that one should avoid while embarking on their path to financial freedom. Some of the most important of them are as follows:

a. Get rich quick: A business like a human being grows slowly and steadily when handled with care. If you think you are going to get rich overnight by starting a business you would be surprised to know that it involves a lot of hard work and a lot of time before It can take care of you.

b. Staffing: When starting a new business, you will need to choose your manpower with care. Never, repeat “never” hire your friends or family into your new business despite their qualifications or experience.

c. Business plan: Any new business should follow a good business plan stringently. Since the survival the business is based on the calculations made with the help of a good business plan, never ignore it.

d. Autorun: No business runs on auto-pilot and it is necessary that you are on top of things all the time. Any kind of avoidance will result in a downturn and there is no business in the world that runs itself apart from “life”.

e. Branding and marketing: For any business to succeed in the long run it needs a good marketing plan with excellent branding. Marketing plans may change but branding never should. Branding should include a perfect logo design made by a professional logo designer. Finding a good logo designer is half the battle won in this respect.

f. Giving up: Never give up on your business even the chips are horribly down. Never even think of giving up. A lot of things depend on you, for example, the future career of you and your employees.

Keep the above in mind while starting your own business and you will never fail.

Joe Daley

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