Kotan – The Way To Mind And Body (Download)



Kotan – is a Japanese word that reflects, embodies and means “Elegant Simplicity”. It is based on the unusual mix of skills by the author who is a Master Practitioner-Kotan Method, 7th Dan Black Belt in Martial Arts, CEO and Mechanical Engineer. He uses his insight as a “Corporate CEO” and Master in Martial Arts to provide a truly unique perspective on applying the “Warrior Mindset” to “Business”. These same techniques can be used to achieve the “Success” in your “Personal & Professional” lives that you deserve. The book steps you through the basics and the drivers to daily stress and how this impacts the mind and body; and the techniques to being focused, relaxed and happier; and as a result improving productivity and performance both at work and at home. The core areas covered are: Time – Master Level; Relaxation; Breathing; Posture; Environment & Balance–work/life balance, Values & Beliefs; Physiology; Nutrition, Energy–internal & external; Traditional Chinese Medicine–need to know basics.


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