Edible wedding favors are a perennial favorite, probably because an edible gift never fails to impress. In recent years it has been a big trend to personalize edible favors and not just with the couple’s names and wedding date.

Indeed the favor industry has become quite creative when it comes to offering personalized wedding favors. So much so that now couple’s can personalize the actual favor rather than just the wrapper, box or tag. But it doesn’t end there.

It would seem that in recent times adding names and dates is out of favor (pardon the pun!) and instead couples are adding words and phrases in an effort to add a little more of their own personality to their wedding favors.

Personalized chocolate wrappers have been around for some time, but nowadays you can fully customize the label, including colors, graphics, motifs and text. Indeed a whole new cottage industry has been born into designing these pretty little wrappers & the choice of designs has never been so good. Gone are the stuffy traditional doves & wedding bells & instead modern graphics such a cute love birds, stylish floral graphics & elegant backgrounds are the order of the day.

M & M’s now offer personalization on their products. Imagine giving your guests a box of M & M’s marked up with your initials or names? Or why not go retro with personalized love heart sweets. Your guests will have a great time remembering all the little words & phrases that used to be seen on these candies of yesteryear.

Cookies are probably the most popular choice for edible wedding favors. Possibly because of their versatility in shape & design. They are also perfect for personalizing with names & dates, although more creative couple’s are adding different words & phrases in order to create more unique favors.

Wedding mints are also offered with personalization, much like M & M’s. Coupled with a stylish tin with customized labels, they are perhaps one of the most cost effective ways of creating unique wedding favors.

Offer options include lollipops which are iced or stamped with designs or words of the couple’s choice. Another choice is shortbreads pressed in design moulds before baking or shaped hard candies made in shapes to coordinate with the couple’s wedding theme.

Miniature cakes offer the option of icing names & the wedding date on top, but these can be expensive to have made. Cupcakes can prove a more cost effective solution, but these too can hit your budget hard.

Of course there are other types of edible wedding favors that cannot be personalized but which come with packaging which can be. Sachets of tea, coffee or hot chocolate for instance or maybe bottles of hot sauce, wine, cider or champagne. Most favor companies will offer the option of customizable labels or packets for these items.

Small chocolates can also be personalized, perhaps with just an initial or maybe the wedding monogram, however, this could be expensive.

Often it is the simplest ideas that will delight the most. Creating personalized wedding favors yourself adds in that unique character that most brides crave.

As a final idea, why not bake your own wedding favor cookies. Make up your dough & then use small alphabet cutters to cut your names or something like ‘Bride & Groom’ from it. Bake them & present them in a little box or bag. At the reception you will have fun watching your guests trying to put the words together!

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