Small Business Startup Tips

Have just one captain – decide who’s really in charge of your small business because shared responsibility is no responsibility.
Create and communicate – be really clear about the roles and responsibilities within your company and articulate your vision. By doing so shows to your staff that you have a clear direction which in turn leads to a successful business.
Focus – be careful not to lose sight of your goals, no matter what gets thrown your way. Remember to keep a close eye on the financial side of your business too.
Plan (P.P.P.P.P.P.) – Prior Preparation Prevents a Pretty Poor Performance.
Develop more systems – systemise the routine; humanise the exception.
Practise – make sure your customer service is cutting edge and superior to your competitors.
Think – spend some time thinking about the various ways to be different, innovative, creative and exclusive.
Don’t pretent or delay – learn to take action right now!
Go that extra mile – build great rapport and long-term relationships by doing that little bit extra.

Another important thing to remember while your trying to manage the plethora of things you need to do during the work day – and that’s to have FUN..!

There is one quote that changed my life and I still refer to my piece of paper stuck to my wall each day. “In a hundred years time, it won’t matter what your bank balance was, what house you lived in or the car you drove. The only important thing will be the impact you have had on a child’s life”.

Pretty strong words, don’t you think? Starting up a business is both rewarding and challenging. To be successful, just work hard and the rewards will come!


I’m a CPA that makes a difference! I have been advising on business strategies for many years and I’ve come a long way in my journey to help create successful businesses for people who have little or no financial knowledge. Share with me some of my tips and

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