Do you have excess amount of junk like furniture, old equipments, excess inventory, and clothes in your house or any other product samples, office supplies, seasonal decorations, files or any other documents affecting your day-to-day business operations? Why not try using a self storage to keep your extra stuff?

Most of the times people tend to use self storage either they are renovating their or house or the business or expanding their business units. There are a lot of people who like change and one way to change is by renovating and changing a room around, with this change often comes extra junk that you don’t know what to do with. Many of us just leave it in the basement, attic or in the terrace  until they find something to do with it, and a lot of the time it just sits there for years and years because there is no use for it. Instead of leaving your stuff to sit and rot in a basement or attic where it can be damaged try sticking it in a self storage unit. These units are very safe and will keep your stuff protected. Once your goods are stuck in the storage unit they are normally covered so that no dust can accumulate on top of your things, also your things will be put on top of crates so nothing can touch them for extra protection. This is a great way to store your stuff because instead of having it sit in the basement it will be safe, and many storage units are very inexpensive so you can keep your stuff stored for years at a time without having to pay a ton of money.

Many business owners make use of mini self storage not just for long-term, but also short-term solutions:

• During expansions, redecorating remodeling or downsizing your business
• When staging an office space to sell
• During relocations to help keep things running smoothly
• Storing seasonal furnishings such as outdoor kiosks, patio furniture, grills, etc.
• In preparation for trade shows / conventions
• Storing excess inventory for the holiday season

For selecting a self storage unit either for the business or for the home; following points to be consider –

•    Amount of space to be needed for storing their equipments or the junk
•    Comparing rates from the competitors for cost per square foot.
•    Location and the facilities provided by the self storage needs