E-commerce requires a change in thinking from the business of any business engaged around the world in sales and commerce.
In his book “The World Is Flat”, Thomas Friedman, describes the new global reality of life that requires each of us to formulate an innovative concept of reality. To be meaningful and relevant to the flat world, “world without borders” We must make adjustments and changes in business thinking.
Internet advantage derives from its ability to bridge the geographic gaps both at the local level and global level and reduce the dependency of business activities and social considerations in space and time. E-commerce network will increase significantly exposed to a variety of consumer products. Increasing accessibility to a number of suppliers of that product, allow comparison shopping with a minimum purchase price of the cheapest products.
Any act of acquisition involves three fundamental questions: What do we want to buy, where you can purchase the product better conditions and how to make the purchase itself. Using the Web provides innovative and effective answers to all three requirements above. Find the product you can already use search engines to allow not only the desired product, but also different products and provide alternatives. Development of new search engines with improved customer purchase experience, allows detection Product Criteria of price, quality, service, availability and so on. network allows receiving information at the product specification, Maximum detail, including technical specifications and display the product itself, using diverse visual media on the screen. consumer can communicate interactively with product providers and receive instant answers specific questions. acquisition phase itself can be done in a faster and more user-friendly by filling out an order form interactively, using electronic means of payment such as credit cards.
The increased use comparison shopping sites growing confidence and improving use of electronic payment, prices will cause many products to meet uniform prices. Speed makes the competition among manufacturers to focus in a variety of products with added value to the customer, consumer advice, and service after purchase.
SME suffer competitive disadvantages stemming from remoteness Israel marketers of raw materials, goods and capital. Using the Internet as leverage business development is a high potential for business revolution, making the geographic distance between the various economic players around the world meaningless.
Opening and operating e-commerce stores the world’s leading trade sites such as eBay, Amazon And Yahoo, creating a mix for sale is increasing profitability enables very low investment, exposure to millions of customers every day throughout the world, with existing business management processes: procurement and / or manufacturing, customer service, inventory systems, collection, shipping, there are also the world of electronic commerce.



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