New president Obama has made many new policies. There is a good chance there will be changes in the firearms industry. In fact, small changes have been made on Federal Firearms License application. If you get your FFL License now before any policy changes perhaps you will be able to keep it. If not you may never be afford the opportunity to get an FFL License. Here are some useful information about FFL application.

Requirements for obtaining a Federal Firearms License:

-You must be at least 21 years old. There is no exception to this rule! If you have business experiences you will have more luck!
-You need to have a place to set up a business. Find a place to run your business and then apply.
-You must not be prohibited from using firearms.
-Your federal records must be clean.
-You must make sure your guns will not be available to persons who are not licensees.
-Abide by laws. Don’t expect the license to last forever.

How much is the fee about application?

There are 11 types of federal firearms licenses. Different fees apply for different types of firearms licenses. If you want to be a firearms dealer, then you need to secure a Type 1 license. The fee for a Type 1 dealer license is $200.00 for the first 3 years.
It is easy to be approved for a FFL license so long as you meet the requirements set out by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). If this is your first time to apply, you’d better ask for some professional service. A simple mistake could get your application disapproved or delayed.

So you want to become a licensed firearms dealer. Learn everything about this profitable business/industry now with the most comprehensive how-to guides and information contained in this FFL Kit for beginners or pros. Forms, Instructions, Applications, Sophisticated Management Software, Dedicated Help and Support and lots of special bonuses for members only!

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