Opening a dollar store is like forming a domino.  One thing leads to another.  When you start a dollar store, the next thing you want right after you open it is to keep it running for a long time.  How exactly do you keep it running for a long time?  The answer is to keep the customers happy.  How do you keep them happy?  It is to simply create an environment inside the dollar store that creates a customer friendly store.  It is to provide a great shopping experience every visit.

If you’ve decided to open your dollar store with a focus on the customers and making a customer friendly store, you’ll be assured that your store will receive short term and long term benefits.

The goal of creating a customer-friendly environment must be practiced everyday and must be applied consistently.  This is where the short term benefits come in.  When this becomes an establish thing in your store, the benefits will certainly follow.

Short Term Benefits
The short term benefit of a customer friendly store is that you create a harmonious environment everyday.  When there is a harmonious relationship between the employees and the clients, the store becomes a comfortable place for everyone.  The things that the customers do inside the store become convenient for them.  This is the same with employees. Overall, everything in the store is done easier and more conveniently for everyone.  There is a maintained peace and order in the everyday store operation.

Long Term Benefits
More important than the short term benefits is the long term.  Creating a customer friendly environment will put your mark in the business.

An established reputation for a customer-friendly store works best through word of mouth advertising.  Those who have really experienced the services that your store offer will actually put their word into it and recommend your store to their friends, family and even neighbors.  Apart from that free advertising is that you have customers who keep coming back to your stores to purchase your items.  

Once you start a dollar store and have created a strong patronage among the customers, you can be assured that your business will be running for a long time; in fact as long as you maintain the quality of the products and services you offer.  

For those who have already been through the process of opening a dollar store, many would say that to start a dollar store is easy but to keep it successful requires hard work.  True enough, a dollar store cannot exist without loyal customers and in order to win them, you must know how to provide a customer friendly store and excellent service consistently.

To your dollar store success!

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