The problem with the idea of a small business is that usually this “so called” small business requires a considerable amount of money to start operating, money that most people does not have or simpliy cannot afford to risk in a business venture, least of all in these turbulent economic times.

Another problem is that often the idea of a small business equals small revenues, which means that maybe you put some good money upfront plus a lot of time and effort in building your business only to find yourself making barely enough money to match your former day job’s paycheck.

Therefore, can you expect to create a small business -a really small one- that will make you enough money to make a comfortable living and save for the future?

I would like to tell you that the answer is complicated, and that it depends on this or that, but the plain truth is that the answer is dead simple: Yes, it is more than possible, not only that, it is easy.

However, in order to do this you have to move away from the traditional business model and tackle persistently other ways to do business that might not be that intuitive to you at first, but that are sure to take you beyond your expectations, with less risk and a lot faster.

This involves a decisive approach to a different model, the online business model to be more precise. In case you are wondering what in earth is the “online business model”, it is anything you can start operating and executing from a computer with the ability to generate revenue.

Therefore, when I tell you that in order to make money with a really small business you have to create and run an online business, do not simply think about selling stuff on Ebay, because although this is a way to go, there are many other ways that will demand less time, less effort and less risk in terms of capital investment.

In any case, you can rest assured sure that starting a small business online will not demand you put $5,000 or $20,000 at stake, because this is precisely the beauty of this business model: you can start from scratch, you can start really small, but you can grow to be a giant if you want (and you do not have to be particularly gifted in order to do this).

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