Australia has requirements regarding health and safety a business must follow.  Some small businesses may not have employees, but there are still health and safety regulations that must be followed.  These regulations apply as much to employees and employers as they do to the customers and visitors a company may receive.  Australia is set up of States and Territories.  There are different levels of Occupational Health and Safety or OH&S.  Upon starting or buying a business you will need to contact your local OH&S Company to get the information kit.  The kit explains the safety and health management a business needs.

Beginning with OH&S:

For a small business there are free services offered in the OH&S Kit.  A small business is one that has 20 or less full time employees.  The Small Business OHS Advisers Programme provides free seminars, onsite support, and telephone services for all Australia territories and states.

Hon runs the Kevin Andrews MP Programme.  The programme began in 2005 to help business owners with a small setup.  A programme with the Australian Government Initiative by the Australian Industry Group also exists.

ACT WorkCover:


ACTSafe is another section of ACT.  The programme is designed to provide education information for employers.  The kit is called the “10 Sets to Safety.”  News, updates, and other pertinent details are covered in the kit.  This helps the employers understand any changes within the health and safety laws to ensure they are following them.  Six factors go into the kit information for health and safety updates.  These six factors are building and construction, health and community services, retail and wholesale traders, finance and insurance, and education, accommodations, cafes and restaurants.  ACT states there are four main hazards to be concerned with.  Focus should be on electric, machines, slips, trips and falls, and manual handling.

Within the information provided through ACT there is a quiz.  The quiz takes ten minutes, and will determine where you or your employees may be regarding health and safety.  The quiz is provided by the Queensland Government.  Any answers on the quiz which are submitted will not be shared.  The government sector will grade the quiz once it has been completed, sending the details back to you.  The quiz examines several areas of health and safety.  It will help you understand where you might need to gain more knowledge.  The quiz has twenty- five questions.  The sections of the quiz are as follows:

  • General Responsibilities
  • Workplace Consultation
  • Workplace Environment
  • Risks and Hazards
  • Manual Tasks
  • Emergency Planning
  • Investigations and Reporting
  • Construction Workplace

Injury or Accident Recording:

In the event an accident or injury occurs on the job it must be recorded with the state or territory.  The incident must be reported within 24 hours.  Any business owner, contractor, or self employed individual is bound by law to report an issue.

  • Immediate notification should be made
  • The individuals involved must supply detailed information to the employer to ensure proper filing has taken place.

If death results from the issue the following is required:

  1. Employer death: the next individual in charge must file the necessary report.
  2. Employer or self employed person reports any death of another employee.
  3. Construction environment: the general contractor reports the death.

In certain accidents the law requires additional reports from the business.  These reports may need to be completed by another person, separate from the employer report.  Any accident or death not recorded will result in penalties and fines.  The location of the business determines what paperwork must be submitted.

Workers Compensation Requirements:

  1. To understand your legal rights and that of employees you will find the following URL helpful:

The website supplies a list of information needed regarding health and safety based on state or territory.

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