Labels, especially those used for addresses and other forms of communication, are a very important part in just about every aspect of your day. Whether you are dealing with a small home business selling homemade bath soaps or a multi-level marketing firm, there are many reasons why label printing is a better choice than handwritten ones.

While handwritten labels can give your customers a sense of home and friendliness, most often that’s not exactly what your client is looking for. Printed labels offer a clean, professional look, and with the advent of different computer scripts available, you can still get the flowing look of a handwritten note. In addition, by keeping your printed labels uniform in characteristics, you’ll provide your clients with the professional look they’ve come to expect. 

Another advantage to using printed labels instead of handwritten ones can be easily seen in today’s mail system. Almost any mail carrier will grumble and tell you that handwritten labels can quickly become the bane of their existence. Smudges, ink spots, and flourishes can add to the mail carriers distress at finding the proper address for your package. While a printed label does not completely guarantee that your package will be delivered on time, having a label that can be easily read goes a long way to making it possible.

Besides readability and a professional look, printed labels also offer you the easy of being able to quickly change and adjust the label contents as necessary. While handwritten labels can give you and your clients a sense of permanency, having the ability to alter information a quickly produce a new printed label is a true advantage.

These are just a few reasons why printed labels can be considered superior to handwritten labels. Although handwritten labels offer that personal touch that is enjoyed in a personal setting, a more professional one requires the professional touch of a printed label.

Cri Davies is marketing manager for Etiquette Labels – UK Independent Experts in Labels, Label Printing, and Label Printing Solutions. For more information visit the Etiquette Network

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