Business Cards are considered be the most effective way to promote the organizations. You can easily distinguish your business core competencies with the other organizations especially from your competitors. It is quite obvious to whom you are going to present your business cards is more likely to remember you and your business.

So it is really a very important to have your design of your business card ready before you sent to the business card printing service. It is also important to discuss about your business card design along with the content with the graphic artist along and with the content writer. Just make sure that before spending all that money in business card printing, you need to review every aspect of your business card before it gets produced. Any mistake either with the content or design error could affect a lot to your business as well to your branding image in the market.  So reviewing them thoroughly assures you that you will be getting the best quality business card that you can produce. This is what separates a great business card from other poorer quality and cheap business cards.

Verticalthinking is the right place for the full color business cards in Canada. They have a high-quality, glossy Business Cards and include full color on one or two sides. All Business Cards are coated on both sides for the most professional writeable gloss finish and the cards are printed offset for the best possible quality.

They have a wide range and selection of the paper stocks and most of them are environment friendly products. Generally they differ in the thickness, coating and textures for each type of business cards stock. Next important thing is the Quality of the Ink. They have all type of inks and the printing machine required for the business cards. It is also important to have a proper design and the layout for your business cards. Last but not the least the content which you need to get printed in your business card. It is very important to have your name, job, title, company name, address, contact numbers, website information, company logo and sample service/product list all should be included in your content information.  Verticalthinking will take care of everything that is why they 100% guarantee your satisfaction in the quality of their product and if you are not satisfied with the service you can take you money back.