From lattes, to jeans to chocolate bars, to serving portions, to cars and phones, the world is slowly but surely fading from view, gradually disappearing before our very eyes.

Even blogging has been reduced to 140 characters by Twitter. The great gas guzzling cars of the past have given way to fuel-efficient smart city car designs. Mobile phones barely physically exist now that so much technology can be crammed into such a tiny space. Whereas once they were brick like, shoulder strapped, battlefield communication beasts, like something out of M*A*S*H and did little more than it said on the tin, these days they contain the processing power of a NASA space mission and will fit into half a back pocket. The same applies to computers in general, net books smaller than laptops smaller than desktops.

Helicopters! Have you seen what they’ve done to helicopters? You’d have struggled to fit one in the school gym a couple of years ago. You can launch them from your hand and fly them round the front room now. It’s verging on unnatural. File sizes reduced with MP3 compression, microwaves, shrink-wrap, school holidays, policemen. What about iPods? Now even micro isn’t small enough, we need things to be shrunk even further and nano’ed ? the iPod Nano (condemning the old Sony Walkman or Discman to great big, chunky, clunky old museum pieces). There’s nano technology, even the nanosecond, scientists having gone as far as to systematically chop up time into smaller pieces.

You may have noticed it at work too, around the office. It’s not just apartments that are bijoux, it’s happening to all manner of office equipment and supplies, especially print labels ? the standard print label reduced to the size of a mini label. It makes sense too as there are a million and one uses for mini labels – return addressing, small item labelling, bar coding, product labels, ‘supplied by’ labels, inventory control, reminders, overdue invoices, name labels, promo labels, test labels, reward label to name but a few. In light of the fact that everything else seems to be shrinking in size it’s only right that labels should too, otherwise they wouldn’t fit! It’s a case of proportion and relative size. For example a safety label or label that displays the environmental accreditation of a product might have now have only the smallest of spaces in which to be adhered.

Are you using mini labels to their full effect? Are you making the most of print labels and mini labels to share the information you need to share, to communicate effectively with your customers and colleagues? Want to save time and money printing your own mini labels but not sure where to get the very best quality print labels and mini print labels from at the very best prices? Talk to your office supply and office stationery expert today and benefit from their input and advice. They will be able to talk you through the whole range of different sizes, colours and finishes to identify exactly the best print label or mini print label for the job in hand.

More than that, an office supplies or office stationery company who know what they are doing will be able to not only provide the best value print labels and mini print labels but also introduce you to a complete range of high quality office products. From paper to pens, office furniture and branded ink cartridges your mini print label might open up a whole new world of discounted office stationery.

The modern office uses modern supplies and mini labels for printing are just one of several new developments. Read more by Mark Bartley to stay in touch with recent changes in business and work processes.

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