Since cigars have less health risks compared to other tobacco products, cigar smokers and others seem to be joining the smoke bandwagon rapidly. In fact, compared to cigarettes, cigars are much healthier as tobacco used in cigars is less injurious to health. Available in various flavors and tastes, cigars can be purchased at budget friendly prices if searched through the internet. There are the three kinds of leaves such as the outer wrapper leaf, the binder leaf and the filler leave that have formed cigars. Cigar tobacco plays a great role in enhancing cigar’s flavor and taste.

How to prepare cigar’s tobacco?

Cigar’s tobacco plays a great role in pleasing cigar lovers. Cigars are specifically cultivated and processed so that they can please their customers by offering sound flavor. Mingled of dark air cured tobacco such as Besuki or Manilla; Cigar tobacco is fermented to improve their flavor.

Why cigars are more popular than cigarettes?

Most of the people think that there isn’t a large difference between cigars and cigarettes. But there is a huge difference in both size and the type of tobacco employed. In fact, cigars contain less than one gram of tobacco and are available uniform in size. Moreover, large cigars are made with between 5 and 17 grams of tobacco. Smoking cigars consume 1 to 2 hours, while cigarettes take less than 10 minutes. Tobacco used in Cigars make cigar’s flavor more complex than cigarettes.

Cigar accessories

There are a number of cigar accessories such as cutters, ashtrays, savers, oasis and clothing available that ensure additional satisfaction among smokers. Cigar clothing such as hats, boots, jackets and trousers are also appreciated by cigar aficionado. Cigar clothing is specifically designed for cigar lovers and demonstrates a logo of a favorite brand. Generally, it is seen that cigar clothing is worn by those people who are loyal to a particular brand.

Where to buy cigar tobacco?

The internet has been considered as one of the perfect sources for buying cigar tobacco as there are a number of online stores available offering cigar tobacco at cost effective rates. They also offer home delivery to please their customers and get them their cigars quickly. is one stop shop, provides the freshest selections of premium cigars, Tobacco Cigars, humidors and cigar accessories. We sell most any Cigar Tobacco online here at our store.

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