Let’s face facts…. the economy stinks and the job market is a joke. The more experience you have, the harder things are. Why? Kids fresh out of school are willing to work for far less than we are, so we’re being put out to pasture while we still have plenty of good years ahead of us. If you think it’s easy finding a job in your 40’s….. think again.

Well, fortunately, earning a solid income from home is not only possible, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Yes, it takes work, but the steps involved are not that complex. This article is going to outline the 3 simple steps to earning a solid income from your home.

The first step is the hardest but will also set the foundation for everything else that you do. You need to target a market. There is a very simple way to do this so that you’re not beating your head against a wall. Go to a keyword research tool of your choice and look up keywords in you selected market to see how many people are actually interested in it. You can’t supply something if there is no demand.

The next step is to plan out HOW you are going to monetize that market. Let’s say you decide to target the tourism market. What are you going to do? Are you going to write your own book on the subject? Are you going to promote an affiliate product? Are you going to sell memberships that provide people with savings while they vacation? All of this must be thought out before you even begin anything.

The final step is the easiest… Market. There are so many ways to market on the internet, its ridiculous. If you’re low on funds, the best ways to market are free or low cost. Articles, forum participation, good old fashioned search engine optimization, there are even some low cost solo ads around. By combining as many forms of promotion as you can, you’ll begin to see results quickly. Then, as you start to see income, you can invest in more expensive forms of advertising.

That is all there is to it. This isn’t rocket science. Find a market problem or drawback. Find a way to turn the negative into a positive. Market your solution. Naturally, there is more detail for each of these steps, but this is the general idea.

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