Company name search is important because a company’s business name reflects its vision, business strategy and goals. It also helps the business to get registered and form a company.

Therefore, company name search involves several considerations as it will represent the identity of the business itself in logos, signage, websites, stationeries, advertisement and any other forms of media it is used to create a lasting impression in the market.

Caution Pointers in Company Name Search

Company name search should be done with due consideration and care. The focus should be to choose a name which is appropriate to the company’s business. It should also be in adherence to the rules and regulations of company formation.

The following points need to be kept in mind while searching and selecting a company name:

  • Preferably, a company name should be simple, short and easy to recall. Shorter names are easier to recall and advantageous in creating business logos or cards. A company name should be descriptive of the nature of the business and offer an instant insight into the scope of a company’s operations.

  • Include a descriptive element in a company name to help customers understand the nature of the business. However, avoid descriptive elements that may turn out-of-date.

  • Search for a company name for which a domain name is also available. A domain name which mirrors the company’s name is always advantageous.

  • Reserve a domain name without delay and register it through an agent, even if you do not intend to use the domain name at that point of time.

  • Avoid any names that suggest connection with the Parliament, Queen, the government, or royalty.

  • Avoid any names that suggest enjoyment or association with a special status, such as Institute, Chamber or Society.

  • Choose a name in sync with the rules set out by the Companies House.

  • Avoid usage of non-descriptive words such as services and solutions.

  • Upper and lower case company names do not distinguish them from the existing ones.

  • Use of certain words such as insurance, charity, bank, and group requires special permission.

  • Check a reliable database of company names to confirm if the name is available or already reserved by some other applicant.

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