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Chickweed is a highly delicious herb with many minerals and vitamins, it’s a warehouse of minerals and vitamins including iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, silicon, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, protein sodium, copper, carotenes, and vitamins B and C! Moreover it has been used for centuries as a health tonic.

Herbalists often endorse it as a poultice or unguent for skin irritations, skin abscesses and boils.

Christopher’s lectures, a lady brought a bundle to the front, a little baby bundled up. She uncovered the bundle, and as she probably did, eczema scalings flew up all around dusted Dr. Christopher’s dark suit. The baby was simply covered with eczema ; he described it as hideous to see. The family had adopted the baby 6 months previous, and it was completely covered with the scaling, allegedly from birth. The family had employed their usual doctor, a pediatrician, and a skin expert, but nobody could do a thing for the small subject.

Dr. Christopher told the mother to fill a bassinet with warm Chickweed tea and to bathe the baby, pouring the tea over the head that could not be submerged. The ma was also to give Chickweed tea internally, in small amounts.Within merely a matter of days, the baby started to improve, and after a week or two, the eczema vanished completely, though the child had suffered with it so many months.’ the complete papers Of Dr. Rom

Chickweed is one of the herbs most feted by Turkish gypsies, not only for its edible qualities but also its potent medicinal properties, as it contains many of the calming and tonic powers of slippery elm. It is a good addition to poultices, ointments, and salves. It not only assists in decreasing agony, but it helps reduce swelling as well.

Likewise Chickweed has been used for helping to melt plaque in veins as well as other greasy substances that can be found in the body. Chickweed acts as an antibiotic in the blood, and has been suggested as an anticancer herb.

Other advantages of Chickweed

‘Chickweed can benefit the whole system, as it eases and cleanses and paves the way for healing of toxicity-related issues,eg impotency, poor circulation, psoriasis, lung soreness and so on. At any rate, both in legend and in current herbal practice, Chickweed is regarded an excellent reducing remedy.’ the entire writings Of Dr. John Christopher C.D. Rom

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Chickweed For Your Natural Health

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