Canadian government organizes many programs to assist local businesses and individuals in obtaining Canada grants. For individuals who want to pursue higher education or to start a new business, arranging the fund is probably the biggest issue. Though government foundations and agencies of Canada approve grants money to solve such problems, many Canadian citizens are not aware of this.

There are some general programs which are organized in order to develop businesses. These programs assist the people in establishing the business, developing the capital for buying machineries, getting the supplies, finding out the premises for setting up the factory or the office, acquiring technical knowledge, developing websites, arranging the other essential amenities like computers, vehicles, and also for office renovations and furnishing and office lease. The government of Canada issues grants money ranging from $1000 to $10 million for financing the new businesses in Canadian provinces.

Canada grants also help the new companies to hire their employees. The government agencies also assist the businesses to train and retrain the employees. The grants money given by the Canadian government helps in organizing all such training programs for the new businesses.  

For women who wants to start small business in Canada, government allows grants money of up to $100.000.00. The specific programs assist Canadian women to start up or expand businesses with the help of these Canada grants.

Government of Canada has special programs for the non-profitable organizations and charitable organizations too. These programs help the organizations in dealing with current social issues. The government in order to finance the charities grants money which is of great help for these non-profitable organizations to tackle issues timely.

For Research and Development Canada grants help in the development of different ideas within the knowledge-based industries. Similarly, the government gives approval for grants money for the Import and Export industries. Canada grants help these industries in transaction of business between two countries.

Programs for the community developments are also arranged by the Canadian government. Canada grants are given in order to improve the downtown areas, developing the organizations, building up the facilities, and redevelopment.

Young Canadians, who age between 18 to 30 years, receive grants for setting up small businesses. Canadian students are also offered grants of up to $3000 to start their summer businesses.

For agricultural development, Canadian government grants money to finance the training of the farmers and their spouses in order to develop their skills. Tourism is another area for which programs are organized by the government agencies for issuing Canada grants.

For planning the finance and technicalities of an industry, programs are arranged by the Canadian agencies. Development programs for businesses and products are also organized to make Canada grants available.

Other than this, opportunities for supplying goods and different services, which would be purchased by the government, are provided by the Federal and Provincial governments to people who want to develop their small businesses. For increasing the market share both nationally and internationally programs are also arranged for Canada grants.

Though most of the grants do not approve 100% non-repayable loans, in specific areas small businesses receive good amount of help from Canada grants.

By obtaining the grants money through Canada grants you can plan a grand expansion of your business.

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