Any business owner who is struggling to stay afloat in the current atmosphere of declining sales would be wise to heed some key advice taken directly from savvy business consultants.

Economic woes seem to be a global problem lately. The only way that you can remain profitable, and perhaps even increase sales, is to take a good, long look at the state of affairs in your company.

What to Do Right Now

Unfortunately, time is of the essence when it comes to protecting your business. These are the first steps to take:

  • Perform an unbiased review of processes in your organisation. Develop new ones, rework existing ones, and adapt as necessary.
  • Be ruthless in deciding what offerings are profitable and which are not. If a product or service is not selling, get rid of it.
  • Lean Manufacturing principles are good to review, even if your business does not manufacture products.

Ways to Improve Your Business

Most business consultants will offer some valuable advice to get your company back on track. Here is a sampling of some of the things they might recommend for your company.

  • Schedule regular meetings for both managers and employees. This is one of the best ways to keep on top of what is happening in your business, now.
  • Ensure you have a tracking system in place that assures customers are getting the products and services they request.
  • Send out a customer satisfaction survey. If your customers are not pleased with your company, than nothing else really matters.
  • Review your quality control procedures and make sure everything you provide to your customers is of top quality.
  • Stay on budget. If any department is going over budget, then scrutinise why and take appropriate action immediately.
  • Ensure that your accounts are paid up. Take action to collect on any accounts past due.

What You Must NOT Cut From Your Business

Perhaps the most valuable piece of business advice in the current economy is that there is one thing you cannot do without: marketing.

Now is not the time to scale back your marketing efforts or decrease your budget for advertising and promotion. Competition is at its most fierce, and the only way your company will stand out from the crowd is through effective marketing. Are you losing customers? Then get new ones via promotional tools.

These tips are some of the best advice gleaned from business consultants worldwide. If you are concerned with the state of your company’s finances, then don’t wait. Start making changes now.

Chris Jenkinson has been a business consultant for many years. He provides further advice about consulting services on the GizTheBiz blog.

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