The derivation of the word blog comes from web logging, as it used to be known. It has changed a lot in its development and now blogging is a front line tool in the Internet promotion tool box. It is now used to promote products and services and presents another platform to to communicate with the visitor and develop a lasting relationship with them.

Having created the the business blog you can then monetize it as well as personalize it to your own requirements. Once created, you can make money out of the blog by syndicating it through RSS to your business website. If you have decided that you will set up a blog for business, below are a few tips on how to make it one of the more interesting and popular blogs.

1 – Your audience.
You are writing your blog post for your audience to read, so don’t forget that what you write is of interest to them. They have searched for through a keyword, or keyword phrase, and arrived at your blog. So, make sure they are happy with what they find and even interested enough to look a little further into your blog, and maybe visit your website.

2 – Words fail – see sketch.
A large block of text can become very boring when reading, especially online. A picture or graphic or two placed within the text breaks up the strict framework of the post and keeps the reader interested through to the end. It is especially true if the picture is relevant to the subject of the post.

3 – The content needs to be relevant.
The posts made to your business blog need to be relevant to the subject of the blog. In other words the blog is set up around your niche market and with keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to the subject. The intent is to draw traffic to your blog based on those keywords and keyword phrases. The business blog needs to create a special relationship with its visitors with the aim to sell products or services/ If you consistently write good quality posts to your blog the visitor will return for more of the “good stuff”, and will eventually trust that you know what you are talking about and buy one of your recommended products or services.

4 – Keep things simple.
The art of good communication is to keep things simple. Keep away from the technical jargon unless absolutely necessary and try to keep the sentences short and to the point.

5 – Make it interactive.
Audio and video are very good interactive methods, but all blogs come with a “comments” facility for each post made. Make sure that this feature is not turned off, and all comments must be approved before publishing them.

Before starting out with your blog you will need to do some pre-planning as to how you will personalize and monetize the blog, as well as how often you will post to it. An important fact to resolve is where will the content for each post come from. A good business blog needs a steady stream of interesting and relevant content in order to become a profitable venture – how will you complete this task? Remember that no plan is a plan to failure.

By Richard Harley

I have farmed most of my life, worked for a John Deere dealer as a mechanic, drove semi trucks for 30 years, worked in a factory, been working on the Internet for 18 years, I love helping others make money on the Internet. I like traveling, camping, good movies, being with good friends and family.

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