People have always looked for a good way to communicate, and through time the most important advances have always been better ways for people to talk to each other.  Today there are dozens of different ways for people to get in touch with each other, but the internet is king for talking with many people at once.  Chat rooms, bulletin boards, email, blogs and instant messages are all available along with everything from Twitter to Facebook, and each one has its purpose.  Blogs are great for small business to get word of mouth circulating through the public by starting a conversation with many people.  They also have several different functions to get customers to your website and buying your products.


The first and most important thing that a blog will do for your business is to introduce you to the public and get the ball rolling.  Blogs are giant social conversations that involve lots of people, and those people know lots of other people, and so on.  If you are offering a product or service, this is the perfect medium to get people fired up about it and inspire them to tell others.  Most small businesses survive by word of mouth advertising, and blogs provide that for free.


The second big advantage to using blogs is the increased traffic to your website.  Including a link to your website along with your post will help customers find you after reading your blog post.  If you have a brand name that matches your website URL, then including a link with your post is a no-brainer.  Your website link will remain on that blog post forever, and people will continue to find it for months and years after you posted it.  The more blog conversations you participate in, the more of your links will be out there for people to find and in turn find you.


The third part of blog posts is their usefulness in getting your website to score well in the search engine results.  The more links you have pointing to your site from other sites, the more important the search engines think your website is.  You may even find your website on the front page of Google for your keyword after many conversations on blogs.  Scoring high in the search engines will give you the largest amount of customers and getting there with blog posts is completely free.  Companies that rank high in the search engines usually have to pay SEO companies thousands of dollars a month, and those SEO companies work their magic through blogs.


Through the years advances in communication have come faster and faster.  There is no telling what the next big thing will be, but blogs are it for now.  I started my blog several years ago and it has revolutionized my business, not to mention making lots of new friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.  If you own a small business and you want to make it into a large business, don’t underestimate the simple little blog!

I have been working with healthcare and Ameriplan dental for several years, and my Ameriplan USA blog has helped me expand. Most people find these subjects boring, but the U.S. spends $.10 of every dollar on these 2 things.

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