The used shipping containers can be deployed for variety of uses. Owing to their durability, strength and the fact that they can withstand the harsh weather of the open sea, these used storage containers are the best options available as solution to many problems. Additionally, being second hand containers, they offer excellent value-for-money proposition. Used shipping containers are normally available at 30 to 50 percent lower than the price of a new container. They can also be leased or hired for rent as per the requirement. There are many vendors who purchase second hand containers in bulk, get them cleaned, repaired and fixed and then put them up in the market for sale or renting.

Used shipping containers for storage
The sheer size, dimensions and strength of these containers make them ideal for being used as storage containers. They often sit at building sites storing the construction material and near retail stores safeguarding their inventories. Dealers and vendors are now getting additional locks and security features installed in these containers to make them more attractive for prospective buyers.

Used shipping containers as house
This is the latest trend wherein second hand containers are used as houses and apartments. Unlike their brick and mortar counterparts, these do not cost a fortune to get erected, and provide lot of flexibility and choice. Such houses are custom-fitted with ACs, doors, windows, shelves, etc. to make them as comfortable and attractive as possible.

Used shipping containers as data centre, communication rooms, etc.
The second hand containers are now extensively used as data centres, communication room, control units, etc. They are installed with latest machinery, equipments, gadgets and devices to make them self-sufficient and effective. They are transported to various critical zones like battle fields, deserts, polar caps where they provide support system and back up to the accompanying team.

Other uses
These containers have now metamorphosed into modern day cafes, museums, eating joints, pool clubs, etc. The interiors and exteriors are redone and redecorated to make them trendy and attractive to the crowd. In fact, using a bit of imagination, creativity and being slightly unconventional increases the charm and appeal of such places exponentially.

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