Are your reports getting bad? Do people just get bored, go to sleep and just do not pay attention to what you are saying, anymore?

Well, if flashy PowerPoint presentations are not cutting it and even your own song and dance routine will not get attention in a report, it might be time to go back to basics and use something quite effective. One of the best things you can do in this situation is to use presentation folders.

Yes! This form of business presentation can be quite effective at avoiding having a boring one. Having custom folders can engage your listeners in a visual and physical way that should in most cases entertain and entice the reader into listening more.

For your reference, here are a few great ideas that should help avoid boredom for your audience while you present to them your reports.

Design for mystery and anticipation – The first great idea for your folder is the “mystery and anticipation” concept. You can design a great color presentation folder that has a message of mystery and builds anticipation. Custom folders are of course good at this since they are basically holders of information, which you can spin as sacred and important.

You can use special images or slogans that hint at, but not necessarily reveal what is inside the folder. Since everyone likes unraveling mysteries, people will immediately have an unconscious need to open up your presentation folder. This basically makes the initial part of the presentation very exciting and it builds some momentum and anticipation for the information that you are about to give.

Impress with the quality – Another way to avoid a boring report is to create custom folders that are a treat to the eye. For example, you can spend a lot of money on a full color presentation folder with the best thick paper along with some chemical coatings that should make it look nice and neat.

As you make your report, you can basically impress and engage people with your folders since they should be able to admire such fine print work coming from your report. This adds a little character to your presentation that should make a mark on the people listening to you and get you a little respect as well.

Keep it memorable with originality – Of course, another way to avoid getting boring is to do something very different, you can use custom folders to this advantage by creating cool and very memorable designs. For example, you can print your presentation folders with different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the theme, you can match the physical characteristics so that you can follow and even enhance the themes. If you are reporting for an advertising campaign for example, you can print them in the shape of the advertising product. By doing these very original things, you can really keep your report memorable eliminating any reputation of being boring.

Make it into a whole kit – Finally, the best ones that are not boring will always have the most content inside it. Besides having the usual paperwork in there, you can also add brochures, calendars, booklets and other important print media. This gives the reader plenty to do and to read that getting boring and sleepy may seem quite impossible.

Great! Hopefully that inspires you enough to use presentation folders to avoid being boring with your reports. Good Luck!

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Katie Marcus writes information about printing company and printing technologies.

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