The very name of “Accounting Information System” enlightens us of software or computer based system to manage accounts. Now this type of accounting system is followed commonly in every organization. One of the main reasons behind following AIS is to bid good bye to the voluminous paper work that comes along with accounting. Second is the difficulty in transferring data, if done manually all the records need to be carried from one place to another. Especially this takes a toll when dealing with tax authorities.

Accounting Information system or AIS can be put in place very easily by information system experts with knowledge in a business processes, as well as accounting. Usually the advantage of AIS is that it will reduce the human errors in accounting, the accounts can be made up to date very easily. Most important is that an automated system can save a lot of man hours by doing many transactions automatically and even online. Now people prefer paperless offices not just for easy management of accounts, but considering the environment factors too.

But for a small business accounting a cost effective “Accounting Information System” is needed. An online accounting service like could be the best option as it provides almost all the functionalities expected of an AIS. Right from budgeting to the end of the financial year reports that are audit ready can be got using this service. Facility to customize the invoices provides a great deal of flexibility compared to manual invoicing.

Most accountants misplace cheque and they search for it hours together. The worst case would be with businessmen traveling around collecting cheque from clients, numia has the facilities to scan the cheque that are used in transactions. Nothing much is missed out in numia that a best Accounting Information system can offer.

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